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2009-05-18 / Moozoi Fashion
How to use blue in clothing matching (women's clothing)?

The first two articles talk about how to use green and red in clothing matching. Please refer to :

Two principles of color matching(Green)

Several matching tips of red(women's clothing)


This article mainly talks about blue matching.



Zero motif color means all black, white, gold or silver and there’s no any other color. If it’s all black or all white, and hair is deeply dark, it can be brightly colored with gold and silver. This can not only keep the simplicity sense of zero motif color, but also avoid darkness. Please refer to answer to green matching when discussing black, white, gold and silver.

Although all nude color is theoretically zero motif color, attention should be paid to light and shade, as well as the corresponding hair color. Normally, brown hair is more suitable for nude color than black hair. If it’s black hair, coiled-up or tying-up hair to reduce the color block will be better. Or it’s better to only use nude color for lower body and make distance between two color blocks.

Harmonious nude color collocation




Actually, if the color of hair is deep, nude color is also dark. Use white color to light up a bit and make distance between black and nude color.




It’s not easy to find a nude color with dark hair. The nude color looks yellowish here. So it matches better with black color than pink. It uses also white color and black patterns to echo hair.

Well, we return to blue after finishing discussion on nude color.



Blue is cool color in our perception. It’s the color of water and make people feel peaceful. Therefore, usage rate of blue color is relatively high in the workplace.


Matching ways with one motif color (blue):

Blue and white colors

Blue and black colors

Blue and gray colors

Blue and nude colors

Blue series


Blue doesn’t match very well with gold and silver. So we won’t talk about that.


Blue and white colors


Blue sky and white cloud, blue sea and white sand, we would say that the matching of blue and white is almost impossible to make mistakes and is especially suitable for summer. If you have a blue single piece and don’t know how to fit it, then find a white one to match it. There’s very high possibility to have a wonderful color matching.


The combination of blue and white is the most classic and attracting style. It’s the unambiguous blue and unambiguous white, which can create a strong contrast, generally speaking, blue is sapphire blue, white is pure white (corresponding to beige).


This is a very beautiful outfit. Her color range from white to dark sapphire blue and then to lighter sapphire blue is too beautiful, and the color block area is just right, so all her other accessories are in nude color to avoid disturbing the above color mix.


The combination of blue and white gives people a sense of coolness and purity. For people who have well defined and beautiful facial features, they can also show a refreshing atmosphere by wearing in these two colors.


Suitable for blue and white, she combed her hair because the color (wide stripes) was neutral.



It will make her gentler when her hair comes down, so she chose fine stripes in lighter blue.





The girl also belongs to this style. She uses black shoes to echo her hair.



Her complexion really shouldn't have put such a large area of treasure blue on her body, and the size of the two pieces of color is so large that they almost drowned her petite. This picture can also explain the problem of heavy weight.


Note that the brighter the blue, the more often we use color patches or materials to make it less "solid" than it is.



Very bright royal blue bags and glasses, with a slightly dull blue coat, brightened in white, and a black coat to echo the bag. Note that white pants usually make legs seem short, and she uses pointed toes with bare feet and shoes and pants in the same color to stretch her legs.


But notice why she uses darker blue as a match - I guess one reason is to keep the light and darkness in place (the lower half of the body is white and has also bright accessories of which only dim dots can set off the brightness), and another very real reason is that it might just be in the wardrobe – either accessories or clothes having bright spot in color and style, they’re all safflowers. Basic color, dark colors and basic style are green leaves. Single safflower looks beautiful at a glance, but it needs green leaves as a foil to worth long-term looking. This is a small skill for building wardrobe.


For people whose hair is darker and the facial features are not obvious, I recommend the combination of white for upper body and blue for lower body.



Like this


Contrast this one


Why is upper body white? Because it’s more suitable for complexion and facial features; moreover, if you wear blue on upper body and white on lower body, and then white shoes, you’ll have a top-heavy feeling due to dark hair color. Rather more factors should be taken into account to choose the color of clothes for upper body. The bright blue is not applicable to a wide range (except for people who have white skin and finely chiseled features).Dark purplish blue may show bad complexion. On the other hand, the white trousers make legs seem short, so they are basically limited to skirts for lower body.



It will not come down, but it will probably explain top-heavy feeling by wearing white pants with dark colored hair.




The most striking contrast between blue and white must be matching of extremely white (to blueing) with sapphire blue. If the skin color is yellowish, you can use beiges to reduce the brightness of blue.


For example elighter blue.

Or use blue as a final touch in large areas of white.


In parenthesis, if you’re more than 23 or enter the workplace, hope to improve the quality of clothes, you can start with silk shirts, not only for figure flattering but also highlighting texture. Many other materials show dim color, such as wine red, purplish blue, blackish green and deep purple. Due to material, silk will be better to see and match than usual. Camel color and white have a very high usage and matching rate.


But avoid it.


I'm sure this one must be expensive but it really doesn't look like that. Even though that, the goddess still looks so beautiful..


My point of view is to avoid using such bright colors and wearing silk material at the same time. If wearing other material, we’d better keep uniform and low-key style. Here are two single pieces, including shoes which are already very eye-catching separately. The goddess still cannot hold them; people like us really had better avoid it.


Another blue-and-white combination is light blue and white, which reduces the contrast and makes people feel softer. However, the overall light color tone may be more critical to select people to wear and more suitable for people with white skin.



In order to keep deep and shallow colors of outfit in harmony, she used dark blue bags and black shoes (to avoid top-heavy sense).

In fact, because light blue and white are similar, not as strong as the above-mentioned blue-white contrast, I think the large block of pure color matching is not the most practical (because the large block of pure color matching itself is to emphasize contrast). I think that light blue and white matching, like the use of background color and pattern shape in the above picture, will be more suitable.


Every time when analyzing her street photographs, we’d like to say first that it’s really good to be tall and thin, and have long legs. The colors are clear, i.e. nude, blue and white. But the texture of the dress with small flower patterns is very important (low-cost Japanese and Taobao products make people think chiffon is very bad, but actually chiffon itself is not of low grade); the outfit is in a harmonious color. But I think the color is too light as a whole, so it would be better to have a bag of the same color as the darkest blue in the flower pattern. In addition, although the color of the shoes is very good, but this kind of waterproof slip sole high-heeled shoes conflict with leisure style created by small flowers skirt; in fact, with her long legs, it’s only necessary to wear just flat shoes.


Let's talk about blue and black after blue and white.


Blue and black are cold colors, and because black clothes (panty-hoses, pants) are more often worn in winter, and sapphire blue is a bright color, sapphire blue matched with black color is also a classic collocation.


When people with yellow skin choose sapphire blue, they should choose bluish sapphire blue instead of purplish sapphire blue.


Purplish sapphire blue


Bluish sapphire blue matched with black color: shoes Ok, but bag style does not match. We need to pay attention to that pure sapphire blue with pure black is basically very cool rhythm (giving a feeling of edges and corners). Accessories of serious little fresh soft girl style are not suitable for matching.


In our impression, sapphire blue and black collocation is usually like this. It's very cool.



Large pure color block is often used, but we feel it normal after looking at it for a long time.


So I didn't expect blue and black to soften up --- by weakening one of them and then increasing the bare area to brighten up, I think the brown belt works well, adding some warm colors to the overall shape and echoing the hair; of course, the soft and elegant material (compared with the above picture) is also a great contribution.


Whether it's blue-white or blue-black, it's a pretty distinctive color combination. For people who don't have prominent facial features, or don't want to give strong impact sense, or for people who don't have the same skin tone (such as blue-white with too bright large white or blue-black with too dark large black), blue-gray is a rare but quite good color match.



Light blue and light gray, because they are light colors, they have a gentle feeling. Light colors should echo hair, just like the above-mentioned nude color. If the color is deep, please reduce the area of hair color block or keep hair away from clothing color block (with big collar or other pieces).



I guess the unseen shoes are black. When the hair comes out of the collar, it doesn't match the overall tone. It's mainly about the colors - the blue jeans and a light gray coat. Because light blue and light gray are mixed with white, so there’s the use of white bags, taking into account the overall tone (with dark pants, because light blue and light gray area is large, there is no brightening to consider), and the bag is relatively small.