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2009-05-18 / Moozoi.com
Six Tips For Choosing Blemish Balm

Q1: What is the difference between Blemish Balm and liquid foundation?


Blemish Balm is close to liquid foundation in terms of main function, its covering power is higher than pre-makeup product and lower than liquid foundation. The application method is also close to liquid foundation. We can take it as a kind of multi-functional liquid foundation with weak covering power.

Q2: What is the main function of Blemish Balm?


Blemish Balm is an Asian specialty that originated in South Korea, designed for lazy girls. It is equivalent to put sunscreen, liquid foundation and primer base into a bottle, some expensive Blemish Balm also contains facial essence.

Q3: Why is Blemish Balm not recommended to so many people?


Let’s look at this picture of functions of each product first (this figure is only for general products, actually, many products have some multi-functional properties).

It can be seen from this picture that Blemish Balm is reflected in all functions, but each function is not more powerful than single product.

The covering power is not as good as liquid foundation, and the sunscreen effect is not as good as sunscreen cream. For girls with high makeup requirements, Blemish Balm often cannot meet their needs.

In addition, the blemish balm color is white, and there’s less color number to select, and many girls with dark skin can't get the appropriate color number.

Its grease content is high, and girls with oily skin will have dark face because of the accelerated oxidation of oil in the afternoon.


Q4: Whom is blemish balm suitable for?


With so many disadvantages, why is blemish balm so popular? Who is it suitable for?

Blemish Balm is suitable for people with neutral skin, without skin issues and blemish. It is often used by lazy girls who don't have high requirements for makeup (I usually use blemish balm which is very good when my skin is in good condition.) It is convenient when the skin itself is very good, blemish balm will not cover its own skin, and it just feels like skin has a nude makeup effect.


Q5: Who is blemish balm not suitable for?


*The skin condition is not particularly good. There are too many blemishes to be covered. After using blemish balm, people feel dirty and can't cover blemishes.

*Oily skin. In the afternoon, the face will become dark, and it will mess up the makeup.

*Girls with darker skin, improper use can cause a layer of white powder on the face.

*For girls with high makeup requirements.


Q6: What should you do if you are not suitable for blemish balm?

Please use liquid foundation and refer to: 3 steps to choose the perfect liquid foundation.


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