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2009-05-18 / Moozoi.com
Makeup process for newcomers

I am often asked about the steps for makeup, and here they are.


Look at this picture first:


Q1: Is this the standard process for makeup?

A: No.


There are no so-called "standard process" and "required steps" for makeup.


The steps in the above figures are not fixed, but it’s a general step; and any step can be skipped or added according to individual needs.


The sequence should be the same, but there are exceptions due to differences in makeup quality and needs. (Some exceptions will be introduced one by one in the future.)


Q2: Shall I need to implement it from A to Z?


ANo, you won’t need!


Many newcomers have a common misunderstanding that they pursue "comprehensive" blindly, and not according to their actual needs. (Bad example: I don't know why I use primer, and other people use it, so I bought it.)


No product is an absolute necessity for people. The purpose of product is only one: to make up for the original defects and achieve the desired visual effect. Therefore, the product which is not selected in this purpose will often be superfluous or even counterproductive.


Q3: What are the steps? How to operate?


Moozoi has other articles about how to implement every operation separately. Some articles have been updated.


•Eyebrow Shaping/executive method and tools


• How can newcomer draw a good eyeliner?


• Anti-blemish nude look and primer makeup tips


Q4: How to find the right process and product for youself?


When choosing the basic makeup products, you can refer to 3 steps to choose the perfect liquid foundation and Six Tips For Choosing Blemish Balm.


When choosing makeup base/UVBlock and pre-makeup, please refer to What is the difference between the color corrector, makeup base, and pre-makeup?


Articles about other steps such as eye shadow, concealer, and contouring will continue to be updated.


Other points:

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• Misunderstanding of makeup removal

• Why have you maken great efforts for skin whitening for long time but still not achieved whitening?



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