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How to select elegant business suits with good taste for ladies

In the workplace, how do women choose to dress professionally? This article will discuss with you mainly from the aspects of color, pattern, style, fabric, which clothes should be avoided, as well as the examples of various types of clothing collocation.







*Examples of different types of clothing collocation

*About knee-high boots

*How to mix business suits with weekends

*What clothing needs to be avoided

*Strategies in your closet



●  Color

The first principle of dressing in workplace is to select clean, low-key and deep hue on the job field.



So, you may associate the principle firstly with five basic colors: black, white, gray, navy and camel. When you just start playing dress-up, these five colors will match each other, and you can't go wrong.




But would you wear only five colors in your life?

So, we need to look at the color loop and study the color.

Rule 1: the closer you get to the outer loop, the darker the color will be. The closer you get to the inner loop, the more the color tends to be white.


So if we want to be mature and intellectual but not steady, we have to be in the same color system or similar color system, choose the color close to the outer loop and the color close to the inner loop to match. The dark and light colors can form a very beautiful layer!





In this set, the shirt, half skirt and shoes are three shades of the same color in the color loop (below the hook), giving people a sense of harmony and rich layers!


Notice why must it be the same color or similar color? If the two colors are too far apart from each other, they will lose their harmony and belong to the category of color collision.

Rule 2: the whole body black or the whole body white can appear the mental aura too fierce. Adding a single piece close to the inner color loop will be gentle and much intellectual.

The colors in the two black circles are shown below.


Informally speaking, it is weak blue, weak yellow, weak pink, weak purple, i.e. all "weak" colors.


Like pale pink


On the other hand, what if you want to look like the devil in the workplace? Black plus a color close to the outer loop definitely works.


 For example, the collocation of black and jujube red



Rule 3: if you feel too stiff in black, white, grey, navy blue and camel colors, and feel like that you are wearing in a female devil's style, you can choose the layer of color circled by black circle in the following color loop as the highlight.



Have you noticed that the color of this layer almost covers the "bright color" we often talk about? Big red, orange yellow, bright yellow, sapphire blue, they’re all very good bright colors and indispensable to make whole dress modeling bright.


Follow these steps:

Step 1: start with small areas of color and remember these four items: shoes, bags, belts and accessories.


Actually we can also see from the figure above that the fresh lip color can make whole modeling brighter. This is why I would suggest that girls have not only a necessary lipstick of pale mauve color to highlight the elegant and gentle temperament, but also a red or brick red lipstick. Because these lipsticks can attract enough attention, when your whole dress looks depressing, you can use them to have a bright and wonderful effect.




Step 2: if you don’t feel enough after playing Step 1, you can go to choose brightly colorful clothes. Generally, I wear bright tops, matching with bottoms or one-piece dress of basic colors.

Firstly, they can make your face look brighter. Secondly, the visual center is on the upper body, and height is also dimly increased.



The final piece of advice for this section is: don't wear in all bright colors, otherwise, if you score more attention than your boss, you’ll wait to be killed by her sharp eyes. Ho ho.




Dressing elegantly and tastefully in the workplace means that you won't be too sexy (otherwise you'll be mature and gorgeous) or naive. Therefore, it’s good to remember this sentence in the choice of clothing pattern: do not too tight, not too exposed, not too girlish, not too casual, mainly with slim fit H apparel.




Don’t be too girlish. Well, I'm thinking of very puffy A-line skirts.



But an A-line skirt with a little wing would be nice and not too lively.




Don't be too casual. It means wearing all kinds of oversized clothes, such as BF style shirts, jeans and huge suits.




In a word, try your best to have more clothes of H shape. It’s a concise and stress-free way. The specific single piece will be discussed later.




One word: concise

If you're afraid of making a mistake, choose pure color.



If you want to bring some elements, stripes, dots and plaid will be OK.





Fabrics which are cheap or unmanageable at first sight will be always pilling and wrinkling. Stay away from them. Anyway, choose fabrics which look deluxe.


In addition, the fabric of coat or one-piece dress also needs to be pressed and textured, and has a nice feel. It's better to be matt-shimmer, not bling bling. Do you think you're a party queen?


----------------------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion------------------------------------------------------------



Four principles have been explained, and then we will talk about examples of different types of clothing collocation!




Silk, cotton and chiffon shirts must be available. Some people say that all shirts should be pure silk. But how much time would you like to spend on such a unmanageable fabric as pure silk? Anyway, for me, lazy and impatient, wearing silk every day will definitely drive me crazy. If you want apeak dragging feel, it's good to select some good chiffon fabric. Of course, in some important occasions, you still have to wear silk.

As for the color, choose white, khaki color, light blue and stripes first. When you collect all of the three things, you can start to get black, gray and navy blue in hand. Why is the first four colors top priority? Because normally, I put the light color and bright color on the upper body, and the effect of getting bright facial expression cannot be too good!

Top priorities


 Advanced selection



What should you pay attention to when you wear it?

One or two of the buttons near the collar unbutton, forming a v-neck line, otherwise the whole shirt buttoned will be lifeless.




The shirt tail goes into the trousers or skirt. If you want to show an intellectual and experienced look, put the whole shirt tail into the trousers or skirt. If the dress code is loose, try this below.




Roll sleeves. Rolling up your sleeves will make you less plump and visually more fresh and cool.


As for the type, style and fabric of shirt, just follow the above-mentioned principles, and I won't bother you more.



--------------------------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion--------------------------------------------------------------




● Trousers



The white shirt and black trousers are probably the standard collocation for all new girls entering the workplace. There is nothing wrong with this style of dressing. But there’s one important element being neglected. It’s whole apparel of your dress, normally called wear profile.


Below is a pair of high-waisted, wide-legged pants, so it's small on the top and big on the bottom.


This one is loose on the top and tight on the bottom, the emphasis is on the cardigan sweater wool.


There's also a good trick for trousers collocation. If you're going to wear a suit jacket, consider wearing T-shirts which appears often on week-end. That can increase usage rate. For example, the top in the picture is perspective on shoulders.


What will never go wrong is the suit pants, which are not only perfectly in tune with the workplace, but also "slim" and "straight legs".


While choosing fabric, avoid cotton and linen fabrics as much as possible, and select stiff and smooth fabric or wool.


But that doesn’t mean I despise cotton and flax. In fact, I find cotton and linen really comfortable. But they're too soft to be made of trousers. It will be a tragedy for people who have thick legs or caliper legs to dress in these fabrics.



This trousers pattern also comes from suit pants, but it is in cotton, only the girl with thin and straight legs can wear willfully.

So, select pants that are made of stiff and smooth fabric. I don't know much about fabric, so I can only rely on my dressing experience. There’re more trousers made of polyurethane or polyester fibre.

Besides, trousers are also needed in winter. A pair of wool trousers cannot only keep warm, but also get great apparel.



Crease line in the middle of trouser legs