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Several matching tips of red(women's clothing)



In the previous article,we talked about the color matching of women's clothing with green as an example.This article will focus on how to match red.


First, let's review the general content of the previous article.


The principle of three colors: that is,generally there should be no more than three theme colors in the collocation.Note that the black/white/gold/silver/nude color are not counted in the three colors.In addition,the color of the same color system is generally regarded as a color.But as a beginner,try to make the theme color no more than two.


The matching of theme colors:Generally speaking,there are two common matching methods between theme colors,which are contrast and harmony!For the contrast color,please refer to the diagonal color in the color chuck.In terms of red,the generally recognized contrast color is green.I think that unless it contains red color (such as purple,pink,etc.), other colors can be counted as contrast color.The advantage of contrast is that it is very eye-catching but the combination needs to consider the size of the color block,etc.Harmony,that is, the matching of the same color system, can also be expanded to include red color.Generally,the same color system will be easier to control and suitable for beginners.


Solid color and pattern:The combination of normal solid color and solid color will produce a sense of generous.In contrast, the pattern is more delicate and softer due to the dispersion of color, and the small pattern is softer than the large pattern.Therefore,a small person is generally more suitable for small patterns.The combination of solid color and solid color is generally a combination of theme color and black/white/gold/silver/nude color, or the matching between the theme colors (see above).The combination of solid color and pattern is generally more used everyday.One collocation technique is to use the same solid color as the pattern color.The combination of pattern and pattern is more advanced. If you want to use it, you need to keep the consistency of the two patterns (color or pattern) as much as possible, and try to be as simple as possible in other aspects.


Next let’s talk about how to match red.


----------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion----------------------------------------


1:One theme color


Red and white


Red and white are a classic match between solid colors,it is more common in daily life that a large area of white is brightened with a small color block of red.

Like this,it will be different immediately.It should be noted that since red is a warm color (expansion color), it is recommended to select a thin belt as much as possible.

Clothes that are not shaped waist in style,can also be used with a red bag.The size of the bag should be proportional to your size,this picture is beautiful in flowing hair and thin clothes.But please note that thin clothes are very texture-oriented,if it is black hair and blond hair,the feeling of flowing will be much worse.

If the entire set is light and the hair is dark,red can be used to add some dark color as the focus and balance.She combed her hair because it was all light!And use a red lipstick to echo each other!The lipstick that doesn't have the same color as the bag is because the clothes are youthful and do not match the dark red lipstick.Btw,if you want to echo each other,you don't have to use the same color,the colors of the same color system can also be used.

The whole body is light but in red.It can be replaced with a red headwear (scarves, hair bands, hair clips, etc.) in daily life.

Large color block matching of red and white solid color items.Red as a solid color is quite eye-catching,but if you want to make the whole set look comfortable,you need to leave more visual buffer space (using non-thematic colors: black/white/nude color).This set of matching techniques includes the echo of the belt and the shoes (color, material),the echo of the bag and the hair color.Because white (light color&expansion color) and red (warm color&expansion color) are both inflated,a black belt (shrink color) is used.And black and red are contrast color,in order to reduce the impact,so use a thin belt!In addition,because of the big collar,in order to avoid the center of gravity being pulled down too much,an exaggerated necklace is used (there is black on the necklace,echoing the bag,shoes,belt).The necklace here is close to white,so it is silver for harmony.Red and gold are more suitable, so the bracelet is golden (the golden part also includes the chain of the bag,the switch of the bag,the hardware of the belt)


Red and white can also be adjusted automatically by pattern, which is neither too eye-catching nor too monotonous.

The echo of the pattern and the color of the skirt

Very beautiful model,compare the previous one,you can find that although the red lined face,if the red is close to the face,you should use lipstick,otherwise it will look dull (the last two pictures are white near the face,so no red lipstick is used).

No lipstick, even worse!


----------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion----------------------------------------


Red and Black


In winter, everyone's clothes are basically dull,so if there are one or two red items,it will change the overall shape.Not only girls,because boys often have darker clothes,one or two red items can instantly improve the sense of style.

Although the whole is black,it is not too dark overall because it has a lot of exposed skin.Brighten the overall match with a bright red bag.The thin chain is more feminine.If she change the high heels to a thin heel,it will be more feminine.Here,because the red bag area is relatively small,in order to further improve the monotony of black,the color of lipstick and bag is kept highly consistent.

If you want to look mature,match it with dark colors.You can use deep red/wine red instead of bright red.

If it is a collision of two large color blocks,the red and black combination in the general impression is like this.I don't really recommend this type of color block that is split up and down,because the up and down contrast will affect the continuity from top to bottom,and then become short.Here are three colors of black/red/golden.The model's trousers and shoes are integrated to maximize leg length.The model here does not use red lipstick, it looks a little bad,and the red color block is already very large,I think it should use a lighter red/orange lipstick.

Compared to the bright red above,dark red will look more textured.This model is good in shape and beautiful,but it is not recommended to use this type of clothing if your upper body is fat in daily life.The color matching here is also very clear:black/white/golden/brown (brown plus luster is golden),so it feels very generous.I really like her lipstick color,because the red is already a lot,so she didn't use red further but used orange-red.

The black block area and the red color block area of the above two pictures are almost the same.This picture is red larger than black,which is a relatively casual match.The color is brown,black and red,because the red area is large,so the exposed legs bring a visual relief.The model's smile is very beautiful,and it uses red lipstick but not bright red.

Another set of black and red with the same model.Once again,the red,black and brown/gold,feminine fishtail skirt with a feminine stiletto.Note that the color is automatically yellowed by sunlight.But according to my experience,the big red in life needs to be selected carefully,otherwise it is easy to be cheap.

One of the red items that boys can have: a red sweater. Deep red is better.

This is a red shirt (please pay attention to the texture),covered with a vest or V-neck sweater,only a small amount of exposure,not to make the whole person look gray.


----------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion----------------------------------------


Red and Nude color


Nude color is generally used when you want to highlight other colors in your body or do not want to add more theme colors.Use wine red when paired with nude colors.

In order to reduce the effect of dark hair,the hair is braided,and the color of the shoes on the feet echoes the dark color of the hair.In order not to cause excessive black color to destroy the overall color, the strap type shoes are used.

Wine red bag, gold hardware echoes blonde hair.

I think bright red and nude colors are not particularly harmonious.It is not recommended to match the upper body and the lower body with too many color blocks,because it’s look short(Although the waistline has been raised)!

Dark pattern can outline the profile,it can be effectively thin if match with light color!


Red and Golden


One is blonde and red,the other one is like the above picture with gold accessories.Metallic accessories will require a good texture,please pay attention when selecting.


Red and Grey


In fact,as a mixture of black and white,red and gray can also be matched,but not as a classic match,it is not easy to make mistakes and is not easy to be surprised.

Like this,she don't want to let the clothes and hair blend together,and because the dress inside is white,she chose gray and kept the overall light color.

In the daily situation,the color of this skirt is so long that it is too much.

To be more mature and elegant (or in office), it would be better to use deep red.

For the above three pictures,it is recommended to control the area with gray and red,and the large area + small area is more comfortable than two medium areas.

In addition,gray with pink and all white mixed colors will be more coordinated.

The echo of the bag/shoes and the color of the hair.


Red with black and white


In fact,for people whose clothes are black and white,adding some red to them will be very good.

Can be just a touch of red lips and the same color bracelet,capable but feminine.

It can be shoes and belts---but note that the red shoes will pull down the line of sight because of their conspicuousness,and the bag is also lowered here,but because of the high waist,but because of the high waist and high waistline,the overall size is not short.

Bags,shoes and red lips,clean colors.

The v-neckline and v-neck necklace can effectively stretch the neck line and make the face small.


Red color matching


Since red itself is a more vivid and eye-catching color,it does not give more visual buffer space than blue.Therefore,it is rare to use the red system all over the body.I don’t think the effect is as good as the blue one.

Pink with wine red,visually quite comfortable.Pink green and blue (stripes of the scarf) are also interspersed here.I think the color of her socks is very good.On the one hand,it echoes the skirt, and on the other hand,it echoes the hair.

Three sections of color, the color is very harmonious,but sacrificed the waist line and proportion. The color of the bag and the shoes are very good. Because the bright red is too bright,I think the effect of changing to a wine red will be more harmonious.

Watermelon red with pink,because she want to keep the same color,so she use nude shoes.When the dress is too short,it is not bad to have such a set inside.


----------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion----------------------------------------


Two theme colors:


Seen from the hue circle,the adjacent color of red is purple and orange,and the contrast color is green.However,as described above,since it is completely free of red,blue and yellow can also be treated as a color contrast.


Red and Green

In the article of Two principles of color matching (Green),there is a brief introduction to the combination of red and green

Or red flower with green leaves,like the above set,the color is more vivid.

The shoes are purple red(red),purple and green are so harmonious and beautiful---pink green with pink red(flowers on the shoes and bag) is routine,in order to avoid the light color of the whole body without focus,the dark color of the hair and shoes makes the whole matching layered and good(Levels don't have to be reflected in layers of clothes,beautiful items can be done without cumbersome!Make good use of gradient color items)!

Very beautiful color matching,the blackish green of small color block is matched with the slightly dark red color,which makes the two colors darker and more elegant(Bright colors are lively,dark colors are gentle).Especially the falbala of the shoes are very good.Red shoes and lipstick echo each other.In addition,because the red and green color blocks are small,in order to balance the depth,black is added with the fan and sunglasses (her hair is brown).The pendant of the fan adds elegance.Note that her skirt is slightly improved compared to the usual retro umbrella skirt (length from knee to calf and look short),just covering the knee,which looks both high and thin.

With the red shoes changed,this deeper burgundy bag makes the elegant color scheme more intense - the color of the lips is bright red (considering that if it is the same as the bag,it will looks old),the shoes use a lighter red color.Gold echoes the bag hardware - but note that if the ankle is thick,please avoid using ankle strap shoes.

Interesting collocation,very chic birdcage bag, solid color,stripes,with a leisurely birdcage and velvet shoes (heel pattern)--Generally speaking,the thin heeled shoes are feminine, and the thick heeled shoes are neutral.In terms of style, the overall feeling is neat,so choose a thick heel.In addition,the thick heel is easy to be cumbersome,so in recent years,the transparent thick heel is popular (visually not heavy).

This blogger is really like and very good at red and green,see the bracelet,shoes and lipstick on the contrast with the bag,a small area of red plus mint green.

The combination of dark red and gray-green patterns,the lace material naturally forms a pattern, and the pattern on the skirt is red.The blogger knows that if you use red and green,you should try to reduce the other colors in the match.


Red and Blue


Regarding red and blue I also discussed it in another article,please read:How to use blue in clothing matching(women's clothing).Although the blue color does not contain red,but unlike green,red and blue are not contrast colors,so the degree of freedom will be higher when matching.

Bright red and blue,red color is small,although bright but not tired eyes (compared to red, blue is more relaxing space).But bright colors require a better texture of the clothes,so be careful to buy it!

Change a very similar set,the difference is that the blue is deeper, and then the shoes are changed into bags. The shoes are echoed with hair color.The best thing about this set is that the red and blue are more comfortable (because of the bright red and dark blue),and there is no red shoes to avoid the sight line moving down and causing the short.The downside is that I think the face is too dim,and the lipstick that is red but not bright will be much better.


Let's review again, in order to alleviate the strong contrast between the two colors, we can:


* Reduce the color block size(nine color blocks of blue and one color block of red is more harmonious than five color blocks of blue and five color blocks of red)


* Control the brightness of the color (not both are very clear, dark blue + bright red / royal blue + deep red / dark blue + deep red (retro color));


* Contrast between solid color and pattern (such as blue and white pattern + red solid color / red and white pattern + blue solid color, etc.)


* Add a lot of other non-thematic colors (black, white, nude, gold, silver,except the nude color,all the other colors such as black/white/gold/silver will affect the overall match of shades / brightness, so pay attention to the application)


According to the above principles,let's look at the match of blue and red.

Add white as a buffer space,the red and blue contrast will not look so tired.The red color block is small,blue creates a layered feel by rolling up the trouser legs.

Using a combination of patterns and solid colors,it also adds white,and the overall color is very suitable for summer.Earrings echo the shoes.The overall tone is light, so if the hair is dark, it is recommended to tie it up to reduce the area of the color block.

The combination of two solid colors,but they have deepened the color and turned into deep red + dark blue,which is called the retro color.This matching will be more harmonious.In order to avoid the dull feeling brought by the retro color and black pieces,it is paired with white inside. Red pants are a good item for people with thin legs,but because red is very conspicuous, there is a problem of lowering the line of sight and then shortening.If you want to wear,pay attention to improve the waist line.If the color of this set is changed to blue denim plus red sweater, it will be more daily!

Red and blue are more vivid, so the color block area is reduced, the red shoes are slightly shorter, and the shoes replaced with gray or dark blue will be more high.The color scheme here is more youthful. If you want to give people a feeling of calm, you can change the blue shirt to dark blue.

The last one,the shades of red and blue strewn at random have the distribution!In addition to the depth,the brightness of the color is also well controlled.For example,if the last one is not light hair, it will be too dark.


---------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------


Red and Yellow

Yellow is a high-risk color for people with yellow skin,red and yellow is a super high-risk color match. A typical failure case is shown in the picture above.Even if you pay attention to the color block, it is not good, because both are too bright.


The particularly bright red and yellow always reminds me of the following picture.

The matching principle is the same as the blue above.Here are some very reluctant examples:

Fresh yellow turned into turmeric and match with hair,but the black shoes are very awkward. If it turns into burgundy and turmeric,it will be better.

Controlled patterns and color blocks.yellow,red and blue.But if it’s not blonde,don’t imitate it.


In the yellow-green,red is introduced as an embellishment.This set can be used for red, yellow and green.

More common turmeric and deep red,brown hair can imitate.


Although the red and yellow are not very good,the red and earth colors are a good match.

A red piece,if you don't want to match black/white/gray, brown is also a good choice,especially suitable for brown hair color.


Matching between the color of red color system—red and orange/red and purple



In daily life,because red is already very eye-catching,and orange is a high-risk color,it is not very useful.


Red and purple will be slightly better.I want to find an example of a red pattern with purple,but I can't find it.so I just send a few pictures which are not a daily match.


I think only the first one is better,that is,deep red and light purple.If the purple is lighter,it will look better.The third is better than the second because there is room for relaxation.



The small-area pattern will be more everyday,and the light purple coat will look great (lighter than the purple pattern).


Purple and pink look better.


---------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------


Three theme colors


Generally speaking,even with the master,the three theme colors are more controversial. Here we only talk about the matching of the three theme colors:the principle is the same,solid color plus pattern /large color block plus small color block /deep color plus light color.


Red + blue + green

In fact,the addition of brown (scarf, hair) is already four colors,but the blue is close to gray.The red and green here is more unexpected than the above.


The same girl,this blue-green mix is more harmonious than the above,because the blue is deeper, I think the red is too red (green is also very bright),the shoes are better replaced with reddish brown.

In fact, the green here is almost blue, counted as blue-green, and also mixed with blue patterns. This set of matching feeling is the most harmonious since the above, because the control of dark and light color blocks is good.

The last one, a small fluorescent green saved the dark color of the whole body.


Yellow + green + red

Both of them are extremely expanding the area of a theme color, which in turn makes the contrast color less obvious.


A brief summary of the three theme color matching principle,in addition to the same color block size /shade/pattern and solid color with the two theme colors,specifically which three theme colors generally have two possibilities:


*The three gradient theme colors:such as the blue/green/blue in the blue match (yellow plus blue is equal to green,so the green is the transition color of yellow and blue),red and blue purple (red plus blue is equal to purple), etc.


* Two kinds of contrast colors plus one kind of adjacent color:such as blue green red (blue and green are adjacent color, contrast red), yellow green red (yellow and green are adjacent color, contrast red), generally speaking,the area of the collision color should be the smallest.Neighboring colors should give people a sense of consistency as much as possible.




The above two methods are my own summary, not necessarily applicable to all colors,and the shades and brightness of the colors have to be adjusted by yourselves.So it’s just the idea of matching.


Through the above a large number of beautiful pictures,let us summarize the more commonly used red items (if not specified,men and women are applicable,boys are generally suitable for deeper red):


  Red thin belt:dark red or bright red depends on the overall brightness of your wardrobe, the overall light with deep red, the overall dark with bright red.In general, dark red is used more everyday.


  Red bag:The size depends on your size and color.According to the same principle of the red belt above,after choosing the color,the dark red bag can be bought bigger, and the bright red bag should be as small as possible.If the whole is dull and wants to use bright red, you can buy a red bag with a gold chain.


  Red knitwear:Knitwear is a highly versatile piece that can be matched with culottes.It should be noted that if the neckline is high,please make sure that the lips are not too pale,otherwise the face is not good.


  Lipstick (just girls):As mentioned above,it is not necessary to be red,other colors of the red color can also be used.After the clothes are set up,observe if it is necessary to respond.If so, observe the light and darkness of the overall clothes (ie,if the whole is dark,you can use bright colors,if the whole is already bright,it is suitable for lighter colors.)


  Red shoes:deep red is better,if it is bright red,pay attention to the waist line to avoid short, boys can take red sports bracelet (if the style is appropriate),girls can be used with the same color bag / headwear / bracelet / necklace.


  Red trousers:Not suitable for people with lower body weight,showing short and thick legs. Recommended with black/white/gray/dark/blue.


  Red headwear/hair band: can echo with red shoes.Please be careful not to buy too cheap headwear and match the color of the hair.


-------------------------Finally,there are some pictures that are not used in the explanation but the editor feels very good,for everyone to appreciate:

Large area deep red with light blue, abrupt black echoed with hat and shoes

Red lips with turmeric, turmeric with black (classic match)

This reddish-brown bag will be more versatile, the bag hardware echoes the color of the watch. The red-brown bag is not abrupt because of the yellow-brown hair with large patches.This girl is beautiful but the things are not very textured.I always feel that the gold is too bright.


Brown hair with reddish brown bag, not too bright but also relieves dullness,suitable for formal occasions.

The combination of rose red and dark green/light green (the shoes are yellow).The reason for the coordination is that the pattern has both rose and yellow.



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