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Two principles of color matching(Green)

There are many theories of clothing matching,this article does not insist on a very comprehensive theory of color matching,we will mainly use green and bright colors as examples and concrete matching diagrams to specify the matching ideas.


First we will talk about the principle of color matching!


1.       The three-color principle:means that the color of the body is no more than three colors.But the three colors here do not include black and white,this is known to many people.In addition, many people may not know that gold and silver are also not in these three colors.And the color of the same color system,such as dark blue and light blue are not strictly regarded as two colors according to the three-color principle.But don't have too many theme colors even for the color of same color system.


2.       Theme color principle:There must be a theme in a match. Since we are discussing color, we will say that each style has a certain theme color. Generally speaking, the theme color has:


Zero theme color:That is,it is all black/white/gold/silver,and there is no other color. If it is all black and white and the hair color is black,it can be brightened with gold and silver,which preserves the simplicity of zero-themed color and avoids dullness.

Is this project a high-wattage aura in street shooting?But in reality it is like this

The girl's face is pale,even with a silver watch and ring to brighten (gold is warm color, it should be better).In fact,she can change accessories,such as adding a small red necklace,or changing the lips to a red color---Asians have black eyes and black hair, all black and white is easy to monotonous and dull.


But it is worth remembering that if you must be completely black and white, use white for the part close to the face, it will avoid the black lining face is not good.

Why is the white collar?

Black-haired white-skinned girl wears a black top (although the clothes are shiny),her face also looks bad.

Look better with golden and red lips

Even if the lips are not so red,this black and white match is not so dull,right?


In theory,all gold or silver is a kind of zero theme color, but because the metal texture is very bloated, generally I don't try it.


One theme color:For example,wearing a solid color dress,it is obvious that the color of the skirt is this theme color.In order to avoid monotony and expansion(large area solid color brings a sense of expansion,but from another angle,there is also a high-wattage aura),you can use the color of the same color system,which is not only harmonious,but also very collocation.The downside may be that unless you really like a color, you won’t be able to collect all kinds of clothes and accessories in one color.


Two theme colors:There are two kinds of techniques that can be used in the case of two subject colors.One is the adjacent color,in green,the adjacent color is yellow and blue.The other is the contrast color,in green,the contrast color is red.The combination of the two theme colors can also be flexibly enhanced with a combination of gold and silver,using black and white as the background color.


Three theme colors:Although it is a three-color principle,it is best not to use three theme colors in practice.Otherwise,the color vividness and color block size should be carefully controlled.


------------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------------


Zero theme colors have already been mentioned before.Red is actually the best friend of black and white.Bright colors and other small color blocks (bags, etc.) are also suitable for this theme.


Next,let’s take green as an example and talk about one theme color.

Green with white!Skirt and shoes with the same color to lengthen the legs.In addition,the white is lighter and closer to the face,thus brightening the face.Because this green is pretty bright,so the color block can't be too big,here is a short skirt.


Supplementary principle:the brighter the color,the less the large area is used.Large area of solid color has an expansion effect.It is best to have only one bright color in one style,or no more than two (For daily wear,the reason will be mentioned later)

Green with black!Pay attention to the combination of the belt and the shoes,the dark-haired girl's black turtleneck sweater is very close to the face,and wearing such a big black hat,it seems that she is not afraid of a bad face,but she only wants to be elegant and cool.Because the green color is also brighter, the skirt is thinner rather than fluffy.

Silver necklace, is there a matching color of the Wizard of Oz?However,this lip color is not good, why not use bright red?Retro green with red is a good match.


Green plus gold will have a more luxurious feel, a typical example

Is it very luxurious?A large area of gold is used here (hair, gold lining).Because metallic colors are inflated, it is best not to use them in such a large area in daily life.


For the combination of green and gold,the daily wear is more valuable for the small color block of the gold.

With gold shoes,note that because her hair is not blonde,the color of the shoes is not very bright gold.


In addition,to avoid the sense of expansion and monotony brought by the large green color block, the lace material has added some other colors to avoid dullness.


Green is not particularly suitable for Asians,because Asians have yellow factors in their skin.If they don't wear well, they will look yellow.


Green as the only theme color,in addition to matching with black/white/gold/silver,you can also use the same color system to create a layered feel.

This kind of match is suitable for summer,but it is difficult for most people to collect a complete set,so the reference is limited.

The pattern on the body is other green, adding a sense of layering and reducing monotony. You can use such a single item to match the green color.But you may have to try your luck to buy such a piece,so it’s not a regular one!

Different shades of the same color plus balck and white,this kind of collocation is highly referenced in daily life because the items are very common.It is also worth noting that the part close to the face is white,in order to echo there are black letters.Because the hair color is shallow, the upper and lower sides do not echo,so wearing a black hat echoes the shoes.

Green and gold are also very good.Here,in order to match her dark color bag,she wear sunglasses. In order to keep the light color of the whole body,the socks are white.


------------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------------


Two theme colors:


Blue with green!Because blue and green are not particularly bright colors,so the combination of these two colors does not need to consider too much brightness(ie,the degree of vividness).But if the color is not light blue and light green with white,and these two colors are very positive,it may cause dullness---This time it is necessary to adjust by material or other accessories.


In addition,a good blue and green partner is the earth color system.The reason for my analysis is that green is very good with the earth color system.Another reason is that if blue and green are dark,then black and white is not particularly suitable.On the contrary,the earth color is a versatile color,it is better matched.

This blue and green color is a positive color,the model uses black stockings.In order to avoid the overall tone is too dull, first the model is blonde (green and gold),then the skirt is shiny texture. Using a black waist will look very thin,so black stockings and sunglasses used to echo the black belt!

Because the environment is a beach,the dress can be slightly relaxed than usual.The essence of this set is the ethereal feeling caused by the hair and the dress.In order to avoid wearing this dress like a pregnant woman,a brown belt with a little golden is used to adjust the shape of the dress.The brown belt is echoed with brown bags and shoes.The green here is quite bright,so the material of the dress is relatively light and thin,and the corresponding blue color is also dim.That is, the blue here is to highlight the existence of green.

In this set,the main colors are blue/green and camel, basically it is close to three theme colors,so the combination of these three colors must be very particular.The largest color block is green.In order to avoid the feeling of expansion caused by large color blocks,a sweater is used here.The sweater itself has a grain,so it neutralizes a large piece of green to some extent.The second largest color block is blue,here to avoid the sense of expansion caused by large color blocks of the same color,the jeans are layered and the colors of the shoes and jeans are subtly different.The third main color is camel.Note that camel plus gloss is gold. Although the camel color is large (hair, skin color, coat), the camel color here is very shallow and will not become more eye-catching color after blue and green.The gold hardware and gold chain of the bag echo each other. Although the bag is another color, it is actually camel-colored, and it is very small.


In daily life,this combination is not recommended(for yellow skin women).We talked so much above,you can find that this combination is actually very thoughtful.The model is a European and American with a deep outline and a clear facial features.It can hold blue-green,and the blue-green itself is very eye-catching.If it is a flat facial features Asian,it is likely that the five senses will be blurred,so that a more vivid color contrast will drown themselves.In addition,the color near the face is green,and green is easy to bring out the yellow in the skin,so hair and skin are hard to be pure black and white,it's easy to regard as a theme color!If the dress is three themes, it is easy to violate the three-color principle.

Blue,green and earth color system!In order to avoid two large color blocks,the skirt is patterned, the color of the pattern corresponds to the color of the bag,and the color of the shoes and the color of the hair are the same color system.However,the color of the top is so large and it is a high collar,it seems that the face will not be good,and you can’t use red lips here,because it’s already three colors.

For the yellow-skinned woman,the blue and green in this match are relatively deep.The shoes is black to echo the belt.In order to avoid dullness,the hair of the model here is not black but a brighter color, and there is no long sleeve and dress,the model's skin has a certain exposure.Also used a silver necklace and bracelet to brighten the entire match.Due to the color of the skin, the collocation here is strictly two colors.The bag is almost the same color as the top!


Another adjacent color combination of the two theme colors is yellow,because green=yellow+blue.These two colors are very bright,so it is more complicated to match.

Very extreme picture,caramel skin color can hold the yellow shirt!But is it so strange to go shopping like this? Yellow and green are conspicuous and the area is similar,so it seems that people are almost overwhelmed.

The more sensible way is to use one as the theme color and the other to brighten the overall match.What's interesting is that lemon is used here.Sometimes when there is a lack of color inspiration,you can look for it from nature.For example,why green can be used with camel/earth tone? Think about a tree,you will understand it soon.


Another trick here is the pattern on the skirt,the pattern is yellow,and then echoed with the coat, which is a very practical match skill.


Also worth mentioning is the makeup,this very stealing color match must be with makeup to highlight the facial features,otherwise the entire face will look fuzzy!


Supplementary technique:the pattern is used as a set inside,wearing a coat of the same color in the pattern and echoing each other,then the feeling of expansion caused by all solid colors is reduced.

Patterns and solid colors,the colors are very bright for the fashion blockbuster,but it will be difficult to control in life(Bright colors have a high quality requirement for clothes).Why can the model on the left use three theme colors?The facial features of the model are obvious,the hair is golden,in fact,it is the yellow luster,so the overall match still meets the three-color principle.The model on the right has brown hair,so the clothes use only two colors.In order to avoid the monotony of two large solid color blocks,a necklace and a gradient bracelet are also used.Yellow is more suitable for small areas to brighten the overall match.


Green color plus camel color, neither adjacent color nor contrast color!


As mentioned before,one of the reasons why green and earth color are matched is that the earth color is also versatile,and the combination of green and earth color in nature is very common (think a tree).


So,just like the color of the tree,what kind of feeling does the combination of green and earth color give?Natural,soft,comfortable,trustworthy...The small tree is greener,the trunk is lighter,it feels full of vitality.The old tree leaves are dark green and the trunk is deeper,it feels special.The old tree will not be monotonous,and it will bloom red and yellow flowers.This kind of imagination is probably the matching idea of green and earth color.

Hair and dress,is a tree with years

The leaves are yellow,this is an autumn tree.The coat,shoes,and hair are all a color.The pattern and cut of the dress avoid the monotonous solid color block.Both green and earthy colors are dark but have golden hair to brighten.

Winter tree.Note that her hair is darker in color,and the color of this body is also deeper than the above.Here,a yellow scarf is used to brighten it.In order to make the green bag is not so awkward, green shoes are used.

The match that you will see every day,but here is a counterexample,because all the colors are too dull,especially the yellow-green scarf is close to the face.

More accurate demonstrations,here the same color system is used in different shades,but also use the combination of green and earth color.In order to avoid the green and earth color change is a bit awkward,there is a layer of white as a transition.


Imagine the previous example of a tree. Are the two pants here more mature on the left and more youthful on the right?


Supplementary Tip:If the two colors have a large impact (and you don't want to do this),you can use a small amount of exposed inside to make a transition.For example,when you have to wear orange,you can put black and white close to your face.

Look at this transition,the shoes are better for dark brown.

More mature winter color matching,the pattern of silk scarves is interesting.If you think that the two theme colors are not very matching, you can use the accessories with two theme colors to neutralize the sense of discomfort, which can be silk scarves, bracelets, necklaces etc..If you want to learn these skills, you can read the following two articles.

Several matching tips of red(women's clothing)

How to use blue in clothing matching(women's clothing)?

Supplementary Tips:If you think that the two theme colors are not very matching,you can use the accessories with two theme colors to neutralize the sense of discomfort,which can be silk scarves, bracelets,necklaces,and so on.

More mature color matching,pay attention to the color of the belt and pants,and the exposed white inside!


Another one,the matching of ice cream color!


If the color is very light,the combination of these two colors will be more flexible and harmonious than the two bright colors.

Red and green


Both red and green are more vivid colors,and red and green are contrasting colors.It is very difficult to match! If the match is not good,it will be very scary.If the match is good,it will be amazing!


General principle:If both colors are very bright,then we generally adjust the brightness or area of the color.This means that we only use one of the colors on a large scale,and the other is only a small area (for example,it is only used in the accessories,just like lipstick,hair,socks,shoes,bags, the chain of bags,and the pattern on the clothes etc).Or we only use one bright color,and the other color is lighter or darker in the same color.These two techniques can be used simultaneously.


Let's take a look at this picture.

Failure example 1:bright red and bright green are big color blocks,although sporadic white is used as a transition,but because of the failure of both color areas and shading,this color can only make people think of the Christmas tree.

Failure example 2:The color matching is the same as the picture above,all of which are red and green.This lady has a darker skin color and is therefore more uniform with the earth color.The whole match is red and green,the color blocks are very large,and there is no transition in the middle.The whole person is divided into two pieces,I don’t understand what it means.If you change the skirt of the lower body into a short skirt,the effect will be much better.

Successful example 1:The main colors are black, red and green.The green color on the clothes is not bright, and the black area is relatively large.Her skin color is also deeper,so a relatively light green bag is used as a match.The green here is small,and the light and dark are also suitable.

Success Story 2:Once again,black and green plus red,green and red are not as bad as most people think.Why?the so-called red flower with green leaves,this is originally a match in nature.However, the red flowers generally have a small area,and the green leaves generally have a large area,so the application in the collocation is basically the same.Here,this red lip bag is actually a pretty good match item.A girl who usually wears black/white/grey clothes can immediately become interesting with such a bag.The hair on the bag is a little red,which is really interesting.Another practical technique is that the same color of the bag and the shoes can effectively coordinate the abrupt color.The green and red collocations here are a bit awkward,but with the black transition and the echo of the accessories,it's a very interesting set.


It may be necessary to avoid that the green is closer to the face (using a silver accessory to brighten),the entire face looks very bloodless.And the red is concentrated in the lower body,so everyone's attention will be more concentrated in the lower body.Here she looks short (That's why your lower body can't be too fancy when you want to look high).If she use red lips,I think it would be better.

This dress is actually very interesting,red and green are harmoniously combined.Such a dress can be worn alone in summer,conservative girls can wear a red or green sweater outside (red is better because red sweaters are more versatile).The whole set here is to feel the summer.The model's hair is light,and the overall color feels "light".If the hair is very dark,you can choose a dark green sweater as a cover.To avoid dullness,don't buckle the sweater,but expose the white dress and legs.Shoes can be red,green,black and white,as this is the color of the pattern on the dress.


Finally,for green pants,you can wear a top with blue,yellow,black,white and earthy color elements.The color shade and the pattern of the top are determined according to the vividness of the green trousers.If the pants are bright,the upper body will be dark.If the trousers are long (the color block is large),the color of upper body will be less.If the pants are short,the color of top can be a little more.If it is green with black and white,it can be brightened with a more conspicuous blue/yellow/red bag or accessory.


The green matching skills are already finished.


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