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How do girls learn to wear clothes(2)?

Part II: Color/style collocation of clothing


2.1  The basic principles of clothing matching


For clothing matching,Style/fabric/color are very important,and I think color is the first thing to consider--A style of clothing is not suitable (for example, you want a v-neck, but the clothes are round neck),you can change the style by matching the interior and exterior of the clothes and accessories.If the color is not suitable, there is almost no chance of change.So if the color is not suitable, please eliminate such clothes at first.


Clothing matching principle 1: three-color principle. That is, the color blocks appearing on the body should not exceed three colors, but the color of the same color system may not be strictly regarded as one color (It is better not to exceed three colors).Black and white are not counted as thest three colors.Gold and silver are not counted as three colors (can be used to match the dark color).And the nude color close to the skin color is also not counted as three colors- therefore,everyone needs a certain black/white/nude color item and gold and silver accessories,the three-color principle determines that they must be used to the highest degree.


Due to the limitation of the number of words, the three-color principle is not discussed here.Details you can read:


Two principles of color matching(Green)


Several matching tips of red(women's clothing)


How to use blue in clothing matching(women's clothing)?


Clothing Matching Principle 2: The principle of light and dark(this is my own opinion, welcome to discuss).The above three-color principle refers to only the color, but even the same color, the light and dark feelings will be different, such as red and burgundy, sapphire blue and sky blue.In the collocation, the bright colors should be kept at one to two as much as possible.If there are two colors(such as contrast color), the color block area must be controlled,otherwise the color will grab the limelight of the facial features!In contrast, if the overall color of the clothes is dim, use gold or silver or other bright colors to brighten.

Full black and white, so use red lip and golden jewelry (The metal area is quite large)

It’s red lips,because there is more black,so you should show your legs and face to increase light color blocks.


Let's take a picture to explain what is a bright color.

This picture is almost all bright colors except the blue purple in the left. If there is such a color in the match, the other colors will be darkened.


Clothing matching principle 3:the combination of solid color and pattern.Generally,a solid color with a solid color can be very grandeur, patterns (flowers,polka dots, plaids, etc.) plus solid color is also very harmonious, but the pattern plus pattern should be avoided as much as possible,for beginners, it’s hard to match!

Solid color plus solid color are very grandeur.However,it should be noted that large solid colors have a sense of expansion,it is not necessarily very suitable in daily life.you can use the material to make the color not so real.

Because of the lace material, the solid color is worn as pattern

Solid color plus pattern(practical matching skills,the color of the solid color and the pattern will look more harmonious if they are the same.),this is the match of top and bottom!

Pure color plus pattern,this is the match of inside and outside,note that solid color is also a kind of pattern color.Generally speaking,the size of the pattern is proportional to the size of the body- the fat is not suitable for wearing small flowers, the small one is not suitable for large flowers.Just give up if you are a fatty!

Relatively small people wearing a small pattern will look better

Patterns plus patterns are ok, but pay attention to the coordination of patterns.

Uniform tone-- But I really want you to change a black shirt.

The color is basically the same, the pattern is swallow gird,the short style makes the area small. Because the color is simple, so she used lipstick, red shoes, red handbag!

Simple color,really should go back to make a lipstick!


So,if you want to use patterns plus patterns, please keep consistency and make sure that other places are very simple.


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------


Clothing matching principle 4: the principle of wide and tight


Just like the light and dark principle mentioned above,the wide and tight principle is also important.Usually everyone understands this principle is that the top is tight and bottom is loose, or the top is loose and bottom is tight,but actually we don’t necessarily wear two pieces(such as dresses,or wear two pieces inside and a long coat outside),So this principle actually has a wider range of applications. Based on personal experience, I summarize the principle as follows:


In a set of clothing, there must be loose and tight, and the overall tightness should be suitable. The most important thing is that you must walk a thin line about the waistline.


Say again: the waistline is the lifeline of a woman!


The last theory is about show thin: people don't judge how thin you are based on the part you cover, but judge how thin you are by the part you reveal – that's why I think Max is good, because max knows show her skinny place instead of covering herself, even if she is fatter than the model in every part of her body. This is why we must outline the waistline.

Typical top wide and bottom tight,suitable for small bust/big belly/thin legs of the apple body,except for tightness,bare skin is ‘tight’ because it reflects lines!

You can wear tight pants when you are bare skin, or you can do it in winter!

Because the coat is wider, the inside is more slim!

This is not too tight (also not too wide)!

Very similar style,the girl actually showed a slender ankle.It shows that she has research on collocation.Another thing she failed was that she didn't pay attention to the waistline.It would be better to put the tops in.But the most unsuccessful thing is that the texture of this dress is really bad.

If you like the curtains just wrap them at home, you really don’t need to wear them to go out!

Ask a question,she comply with the principle of wide and tight, why is this still not good?

Always think that she look awkward

Do you know what is wrong?Girls, where is your waist? Waist is---just recite it again!

This girl must know the importance of the waistline,the top must be tucked in.Because she show the waist,so it doesn’t matter if the upper body and the lower body are loose..

Also you can use belt!

Use a thin belt so that the center of gravity of the top is raised and the legs look long!

You can also reveal the waistline by cutting and color.

The waistline is right, the upper body and the lower body are both loose.It is strongly contrasted by color, but her loose area is still very small.The skirt is quite slim on the top half--she used red and green, but the green is dark and red is small.

The waist is important because it is thin, outlines the curve, and keeps the center of gravity.


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------


Here we talk about how to show the waistline & how to choose a belt


The common methods used to show the waistline are:


With proper cutting, there will naturally be a waistline.This refers to shaping the waist by cutting instead of pulling the drawstring through the waist.Generally for expensive and cheap clothes, tailoring is very different.Although everyone’s figure is different,but in general expensive clothes have a good shaped waist! Some experiences:for most european and american style clothes, generally it will shaping the higher waist!If the color and material of a piece of clothing is good,also the clothes are well shaped waist (suitable for your waist), don't miss it and buy it--Because the conjoint tailoring is very important,so many people prefer the two-piece style of separation from top to bottom.After all, the space that can be adjusted is bigger.


First of all, the risk of the dress is very high.Because the dress is very tailored.Everyone wants to have a custom-made dress.

In fact,you can really customize clothes or modify clothes,not very expensive,but the fitted clothes really look like they are upscale.But in fact,it is difficult for us to have a lot of skirts that fit wel,and even if there is, wearing a slim style every day is quite depressed.


What should I do in this case?Generally speaking, two countermeasures:Use the color/style/pattern to form the waistline naturally,or use the belt to form the waistline


For belt: In a set of clothing,the role of the belt is:


Show your waistline;Make loose clothes as the ideal shape you want;Match the color blocks on the body;Brighten/darken overall match.


The former two are changing the shape of the match,the latter two are changing the color distribution of the match.


The principle of belt matching is as follows:


1: Thin waistband is a lady, the thick belt is enthusiasm

Her red belt echoes her red lips.For most people with dark clothes,a red bag and a red belt are all low-cost accessories that can effectively improve the clothing collocation. I can't see the material here, If it is silk, it will be more lady.But if it is leather,it will be more versatile.(Spend a few dollars to buy leather.)

More unrestrained, with a vibrant smile and Roman shoes, belts, handbags, hair, shoes, color is very uniform, a total of two colors, very simple and gorgeous---I guess she has collected a lot of the same color items according to her hair color,it is really fun to play with the accessories.

Lady's style, but with a black belt! Is it strange? This is not the Japanese style of floral and boho belt!Also what is the meaning of wearing fishnet stockings?

Inexplicable style,look at the dress should be a sweet style,but on the head is a leopard headpiece,and match with a boho style belt!In addition to the echo of the color,this match is really bad.


The following principle is not absolute.The specific choice of belt is affected by many factors.


2. The more places you want to gather,the thicker the belt should be—meaning that the more the clothes pattern is opened,the thicker the clothes,the greater the tension of the clothes,the thicker the belt should be.

I feel that the dress is quite inflated, so a thin belt is a little weak.

Thick coats should use a thick belt,she is mainly for the shaped waist here.In fact, its overall color is dark, so you should use accessories or others to brighten the overall match.

The belt that comes with the clothes is the best.If the clothes are light and thin,a thin belt is ok and it is still very lady.

This dress will be beautiful with a red belt. Her red earrings are also beautiful.So either with a red belt or a red bag.


3. The correct position of the belt should be at the thinnest part of the waist.If you mainly aim to show high,just tie the belt on your ribs,but generally the thinnest part of the person is under the ribs!For people with big breasts, because the chest is large, the lower part of the chest must be lower,so try to avoid dresses that are too high waist or tie the belt too high.

Correct position

There is no problem with the belt being slightly higher,anyway,her bust is not big!She looks tall!

There is neither a thin waist nor a high height here(Because this is out of the normal waist,so everyone will not feel that it is the waist)…


Generally speaking,the brighter the color of the belt (expansion effect),the thinner the belt!The belt can generally be echoed with the shoes/bags/the pattern on the clothes or other accessories.Generally the thicker the belt, the lower the belt should be tied!Please don't wear the belt higher if you have big bust(but you can wear a high-waist dress with a suitable cut)!

This belt is black, a bit wide, but the line is slightly up.

Show the waistline by belt!

Brighten the overall match by belt!Belt of the same color as the clothes,or a thin belt with metal materails,sometimes unexpectedly appropriate!

Note that shoes and belts are the same color.In addition to the belt,you can also form the waistline by color contrast.

Like this

Or use a combination of solid colors and patterns.


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------


Clothing matching principle 5: Don't wrap like a nun

If you want to show that you are a good girl,you don’t need to wear it like this

If you want to show that your figure is good,also you don’t need to wear it like this.


Many people ask me what to do if my legs are short/my waist is thick/my bust is small/my arms are thick?Just one word:cover it!


Since we say a shortcoming,we must find a advantage.so if we cover a little,we need to reveal a little!It’s not have to bare your skin,you can show your lines!

She has been showing her legs and her upper body is very tight.

The upper body is a little cool, and then it is replaced with a length to knee dress.

She loves bare breasts but she doesn't wear short dresses!

Wearing a short dress,but the upper body is tight!


Clothing matching principle 6:the principle of highlight


Generally,a whole set of clothing should be matched well,there must be some certain highlights.This highlight can be a coordinated color, can be a suitable cutting,also can be a bright color in a dull.Generally speaking,a set of clothing for beginners has a highlight is ok!More highlights are more likely to appear confused!In addition,because the highlights will attract attention,it is also necessary to consider where to put the highlights.If you are all black and then paired with red shoes, it will cause your attention to move down and you will be shorter.

Don't need to be too complicated,the highlight of this set is the quiet (ink green) and pure (white) feeling brought by color matching.

Adding a bright orange color to the dark blue,it was playful and avoiding dullness.Because the highlight is on the upper part,it will look tall to a certain extent.Another point worth noting in this picture is the number and combination of highlights.Here,the neckline and earrings are the same color,and the area is similar.It feels slightly crowded!In general,earrings and necklaces are close to each other and will not be used at the same time.It is safer to use earrings/necses and bracelets.

If there is a good single item,then this is the highlight of this set,because the highlight area is large.so don’t need to use other colors to transfer attention,just match with a nude color shoes.

In the whole dull collocation,the red shoes are added!But the line of sight is lower,and different colors of shoes and pants,so she looks short!Of course,sometimes height is not the only purpose for us!


In the clothing match,there are many needs,show white,look tall,show thin,show small face, show style,show figure,it is difficult to have a piece of clothing to fully meet these needs.Therefore,we should know how to make a choice.For the taller ones,it may be more important to look good than the height.For people of normal size,it is not necessary to be thin.So there is no need to worry about the small defects of the clothes.Just like people, the clothes will not be perfect.


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------


2.2 Practical skills of dress collocation


1: Look tall


The skills that look tall are as follows:


Shoes and pants are the same color,shoes and skirts are the same color.In simple terms,do not divide the legs with style/color,let the legs coordinate as much as possible visually,therefore,the legs are as long as possible. ->Count the colors of your bottoms, do you have shoes of this color?


Raise the waistline,use the belt or the natural way to express the waistline,create a pseudo-waist line (over the actual waistline),or put the top into the bottom! ->Count the shape of your clothes, whether it is a natural high waist or a natural shaped waist.If not,buy a belt according to the color of your existing clothes.(For example,if your clothes are blue,you can buy navy blue belts.If your clothes are black and white,buy a color belt with a bright color bag or a bright color shoes.No bright bags or bright shoes,you can buy red items.If the colors of the clothes are very dull,buy something with metal material.Generally,you can buy a golden/silver/black/red/navy blue belt to meet your daily needs.)


Raise the location of the highlights!Bold use of scarves,headwear,headbands,hairpins,necklaces, etc.)!Avoid using eye-catching bottoms and shoes--Purchase accessories such as scarves and necklaces according to the color of the clothes.

For example,echoing with the red lips can also increase the sense of matching.


Show thin:


I talked a lot about show thin already.The most important thing is to cover your fattest part and reveal your thinnest part!Don't cover it all!Do not use small floral or other small patterns.In fact, color does not have to choose black and dark,cutting is the most important!There is also the need to emphasize the waistline!


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------


2.3 Taboos and 3 rules of clothing color matching


Taboos I:Dark complexion, not suitable for large areas of camel, nude!Westerners have a white complexion,camel is a versatile color for them!

Someone will ask...does she wear underwear?Compare these two pictures!You will know how tragedy the yellow skin wears camel.

her upper arm and face are very dull with camel top!How to do?Use in small areas and use it away from the face!

Nude-colored pointed high-heeled shoes,the must-have for everyone to create the "long legs"!


Taboos II:Dark complexion,not suitable for blue/purple with high brightness and purity


Blue/purple contrast will make the yellow skin look darker

How to do?Use in small areas and echoed!

Socks echo purple striped skirt,very interesting!Reduce purity,add white to the blue and become the hot "ice blue"

Add black to the blue to become a all-match neutral color "navy blue"!

The doll brooch on her coat is so funny,and it echoes the plaid skirt!The brooch on the shoulders will be look tall!


Taboos III:Yellow with blue/orange with purple/red with green,these collocations are very ugly!


Let's look at some good examples.


Long-distance contrast

Using hats,handbags,shoes,necklaces and other accessories to hit the color is the favorite of the fashionistas!one is small and one is large,very good!

The blue cardigan is willing to be a supporting role in front of the orange dress,setting off the beauty of the orange dress.


Change brightness and purity to reduce the impact of contrast!

The contrast of turmeric and navy blue,very beautiful retro style!


Now you want to buy a pullover, there are so many colors hanging in the store.

Which one would you buy?


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------


Next we will talk about the rules of clothing color matching!Usually there are 3 rules for color matching.


* Neutral color+color(such as black+yellow,white+blue,gray+pink)

* Same color(such as light purple+dark purple)

* Contrast color(such as purple+yellow)


What should I do when I buy these three kinds of combinations?


I: White-skinned girl,whenever you hesitate,choose black √

The whole body is black,but it is mixed with different materials to achieve a sense of layering.


When you accidentally bought a piece that was amazing but difficult to match,only the other is black to hold the entire style!


II: Dark-skinned girl, gray is your black √


It’s not omnipotent to use black to be thin.Don't forget,black also brings dullness.At this time,grey is more suitable for you.And different shades of gray can achieve a sense of layering!

Coats,handbags,turtlenecks,different shades of gray

The cuffs of the jacket are slightly shorter,revealing the inside,and the details are also layered.


III: Up to 2 colors in your wardrobe:The most economical rule:no more than 2 kinds of color.The best of these 2 colors are contrasting colors,such as red vs green,yellow vs purple,orange vs blue! When you buying a new item,think about what color you have.For example, if you like purple most, you can buy purple necklaces, earrings,handbags,clothes,bracelets,shoes,etc!For the color echo of the details!

What is the contrasting color of purple?yellow.Collect yellow pieces of different shades.Play with the contrasting color,you will be different immediately!

This girl in the picture is very retro,with a light purple and deep purple.The layering created by the same color is very eye-catching!

You take out 2 pieces of clothes from the wardrobe and match them.The colors are coordinated: black+gray,black+purple,black+yellow,gray+purple,gray+yellow,purple+yellow.How can it go wrong?


Neutral color+color is the most error-free combination!The neutral color in the closet will never be too much!In addition to black and gray,neutral colors also include white,camel,silver,golden,navy blue,the original color of denim, etc.These "neutral colors" can be matched with any "color".(Note:The neutral color referred to here means the all-match color, which is different from the strict definition of color science.)


For boys,if you want to look mature,you are better to be neutral in the body.

The gentleman’s clothes on the right have a little yellow and blue contrast.Unobtrusive and personality!Inside the blazer,take the v-neck Tee and wear the Lok Fu shoes,the best state between business and leisure.All clothes are neutral color men's wardrobe.


Today is just a basic framework for everyone.How to know yourself and how to choose clothes, there are many concrete steps to say.But even if you read a lot of theories and pictures here,the most important thing to improve your level of matching is to match it yourself.


And although there are many theories about clothing collocation,if you follow these theories,the confusion you got into at the beginning is what kind of type you belong to---I am not saying that theoretical classifications are not helpful,they actually can play a big direction.If any theory is recommended,but not for yourself,that is useless!Everyone's collocation is subject to its economy, aesthetics, occasions, etc.Therefore,the most suitable for you must be tailor-made for yourself.


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