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How do girls learn to wear clothes(1)?


Hi,I am the editor of moozoi fashion group.As a professional women's apparel retailer and fashion information platform,Moozoi will provide the latest fashion apparels,clothing collocation skills and fashion trends for women around the world.Today,let’s talk about how to study clothing collocation for women!


There are a lot of female friends send me messages and say that their fashion sense is very horrible,they don't know how to wear clothes to be more beautiful.Another friends want to make themselves more fashionable,want to learn clothing collocation,but don't know how to start.So we will talk about this topic now!The purpose of this article is to let people who have never had any understanding of clothing collocation,can know themselves and form their own style of dressing.Because the article is longer,This article will be divided into two parts,the second part please read How do girls learn to wear clothes(2)!


To study clothing collocation,we must understand our own characteristics(Including body shape, skin color, hair color,facial features etc) at first,learn the basic knowledge of color collocation and style collocation,identify design features of the items,find the right style! Then combine your own body shape to choose the color and style that suits you on the basic model.The high-level is to look at the street snap,sum up some matching tips and principles,and slowly learn to use it to improve the level of clothing collocation!


This article will be divided into the following parts:

1         Know yourself

1.1 Know your body shape and facial features

1.2 Know the color that suits you

1.3 Know your style (interspersed with basic clothing collocation tips)

1.4 Identify the design features and attributes of the item and build your wardrobe


2         Color/style collocation of clothing

2.1 The basic principles of clothing matching

2.2 Practical skills of dress collocation

2.3 Taboos and 3 rules of clothing color matching


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Part I  Know yourself

1.1 Know your body shape and facial features

The most important thing about identifying your body shape is to know what is suitable for oneself and what is not suitable for wearing.


OK, let's have a test, do you know your body shape ?


Are you H type?

.Your shoulder width≈waist width≈crotch width(Most important)

.Your waist curve is not obvious

.Divided into thin H type and overweight type H




The general rule: no taboos. The thin type H is the paper that everyone envied.


Are you apple type?

. Your waist and abdomen are fat(Most important)

. Your limbs are thinner

. Your upper body is bigger




The general rule: a large neckline,solid color, basic style top is your most correct choice.


Are you Y-shaped (inverted triangle)?

. Your shoulder width > crotch width(Most important)

. Your upper circumference is bigger

. Your legs are slender




The general rule: Avoid shoulder pads and decorative items on the shoulders. Balance the shoulder width and hipbone width with an umbrella skirt or A-line skirt


Are you pear type?

. The meat on your body is concentrated on the hips and thighs(Most important)

. Your shoulder width ≤crotch width

. Your hip curve is obvious, the waist looks very thin



The general rule: Avoid short tops and skirts/pants with a length above the knee. High waist umbrella skirts and wrap dresses that cover the thighs are a good choice.


Are you X type (hourglass)?

. Your waist is much smaller than your shoulders and hips(Most important)

. Your shoulder width≈crotch width

. Divided into thin hourglass and fattening hourglass



The general rule: wear a waist-shaped item to show your figure


Are you a mature facial features?

Be careful to use fur,leather,and floral elements items

Are you a sweet facial features?

Be careful to use bowknot,lace,and beaded elements items

Are you a youthful facial features?

Be careful to use cartoon,plaid,and binding elements items


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The body type is theoretically divided according to the BWH measurements,the H-type BWH measurements are very small and not much different; Apple type is within the normal range of BWH measurements,the chest-to-waist gap is large,and the waist-to-hip gap is small (external performance is no waist),and in many cases, even if it is light, there is a lot of meat on the stomach;


Pear-shaped bust is small, waist circumference is normally or small, hip circumference is large. The most perfect body is the hourglass type,the chest is big,the waist is thin and the hips are curled. With the big skeleton is a goddess, and with the small skeleton is a little fairy.


The above is only a theoretical classification method. In fact, the specific body type depends not only on the measurements, but also on other body data including height, shoulder width, leg length, head size, face shape, hair style etc. These will affect the overall temperament and style, which will be explained in detail below with examples.


Why classify style according to the type of body? Because after knowing the type of body, we can know according to the theory, what is the part that needs to be changed to reach the final x-shape. For example, the H-type should strengthen the chest and crotch line, the apple type should strengthen the waist and crotch line, and the pear type should strengthen the upper body and weaken the lower body and reveal the beautiful curve of the waist to crotch. Due to factors such as the length of legs and the width of shoulder, even the perfect x-shaped type also needs to pay attention to the collocation and present a better state.


Let's talk about these types in detail below. Welcome everyone to discuss.


The first type: H type


H type: girls with small skeletons are narrow shoulders and narrow hip bone, so the waist line is not obvious. Generally, this type is matched with flat chest.


The advantage of this temperament is small, and casual wear can be basically controlled. However, if it is too thin, it will have a big head feeling. If it is not white, it will look like tired, and it will be difficult to project a high-wattage aura.


Typical representative of H-shaped body


Based on the above characteristics of the body and the feeling of the face, the styles suitable for the H-type body are:


Lolita style,gentle,artsy style,simple and generous, neutral style,tomboy---In terms of body shape, the H-shaped body mentioned here generally belongs to a small body type, which gives people a feeling of lightness and smallness. It is recommended to emphasize the feeling of teenage and pure!


H-shaped body is not suitable for:sexy, gorgeous,royal sister,queen.Generally speaking,if a H-type woman want to be more feminine,you can use the right hair style/makeup to match the body type,stretch the shoulder lines,multi-overlay wearing,to some extent,the feeling of the small skeleton is alleviated,so that the young girl feeling can be rid of!People with small skeletons want to go from a girlish to a feminine,they will need more hairstyles,makeup cooperation.


In theory,the H-type should also include tall but small bust and hipbone,because the tall ones generally have wide shoulders, the visual treatment is different, as already mentioned above.


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The second type: apple type


The apple-shaped body generally has longer, slender legs, and the short, thick waist,so it is easy to have no waistline (because there is no waist).According to the body type theory,everyone should move closer to the x-type,but in fact,due to different personal aesthetic preferences, it is not necessarily required to achieve such an effect for everyone.


You can choose clothes without according to the basic theory (do not force yourself to form a perfect x-type as the first priority for dressing, this is no problem at all). But basically it's hard to deviate from this theory when dressing up (for example you are a pear-shaped figure but you have to show your thighs). How to properly outline the body, how to match the color, how to emphasize and how to weaken, all the styles need to understand these basic knowledge. As for your understanding, it is not necessary to do it all.


The third type: pear type


Generally Asian women are pear-shaped figure because of their small bust.According to the theory we have said above, we know that the apple figure outlines the curve by emphasizing the crotch,but pear-shaped body has two strategies, one is to reveal the upper body line, weaken the crotch to get a more slender x-type, a-line skirt or a slightly adducted skirt can have this effect; One is to emphasize the upper body by strengthening the lines of the upper body to balance with the big crotch.


Such as the pear-shaped figure below





In fact, she is not a small chest but her hips are too big. Her hips are not only wide, but also a lot of meat. Therefore, it is not particularly suitable to cover the lower body. The more matching strategy she uses is to emphasize the upper body to achieve balance.




This girl slightly widened the shoulders, revealing the calf, the skirt naturally opened to cover the crotch, this is a slim, not emphasizing the x-shaped pear shape dressing method.



The shoulders are exposed with an expansion effect, revealing the calf.The hem of the top is slightly opened with shaped waist, and the skirt is closed, which neutralizes the awkward feeling brought by the big crotch, but the hem of the top must be matched with the waistline.


Specifically, how to emphasize and how to contract (weakening) will be mentioned in the following principles.


The fourth type: hourglass type


Finally, we talk about the perfect type-hourglass shaped figure, Is this type of figure good to wear? Not necessarily, this type of body is very feminine,it is not particularly suitable for casual wear, and the big bust is often accompanied by high body fat,so covering the meat will be the appeal of this group of people. As I said before, even the hourglass type,leg length, head size, face shape, hair style, etc. all affect the overall feeling, so this part of the people also need to understand the basics of clothing collocation.


Appropriate style:Compared with the H-type body,the hourglass-shaped figure is fully developed. It’s not that the H-shaped figure has no female features, but the H-type is more purely girlish, and the hourglass type is more sexy and charming.



The goddess is a good example of the waistline is the key point of the woman's lifeline, she can forget the proportion of figure and the high/slim, but she will not forget to reveal her waist.



Hourglass girl is a goddess even if her legs are not long.


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The above-mentioned several body types are only used as a theoretical basis. As a beginner of clothing matching, we are still very ignorant. We don't know which style/color/pattern is suitable for us,also we don't know what style we want to shape ourselves,so we must start from the basics.Only by learning to add and subtract in the basic style,you can match your own style.


There is a classic word: fashion is easy to pass, but style will stay!Different people may have different interpretations of this sentence, but I explain it to people who should wear clothes that suit them, that is,they must have their own style instead of chasing fashion---If you have thin waist and thick legs,why should you follow the trend to wear a cocoon style coat?The goddesses never forget their style in order to chase fashion. Why did Audrey Hepburn love the boat neck?Because she has very beautiful shoulder lines and collarbone!Maybe wearing a boat neck cloth is not as good as Hepburn,but there is always a dress that will make you feel that others will not be able to match you in the same dress,and that should be your style!


Therefore,to know your body shape,please observe yourself carefully in the mirror and write out the advantages and disadvantages of your body---Every time you write a shortcoming,you must write an advantage.There are two major principles in the basics of clothing collocation:Raise strengths and avoid weaknesses,Acid-base neutralization!This is even more important than reaching the x-type body! Sometimes we want to make ourselves look better, sometimes to show a feeling,But in any case,even if the idea of pursuing the x-body type has changed,the idea of acid-base neutralization/Raise strengths and avoid weaknesses will not change.Megan never gave up the opportunity to show off his fascinating waistline. The so-called style is probably like this.


Let's talk briefly about what is acid-base neutralization.Acid-base neutralization is not only suitable for the mutual matching between single item,but also for the complementarity between your facial features and single item style.Let’s take a look at Angelina Jolie’s dress and try to understand what it means to neutralize acid and alkali.


Angelina Jolie is a hot sexy star in the world.



But the clothes that Jolie usually wear are like this.



She loves men and neutral perfumes,why does she usually like Normcore style, not sexy at all?



The "sexy" attribute of her own appearance is neutralized with the "neutral" attribute of clothes and perfumes,and the effect is even more wonderful.Imagine that if she wears a low-cut leopard-print miniskirt, it will attract a lot of attention, but it will be too sexy if she is not careful at some occasion.Jolie understands this truth very well!


Develop your strengths and avoid weaknesses, that is,cover your own unsatisfactory places and reveal your own charming places.Covering is not to pack yourself very tightly,sometimes it takes a natural connection(use the lines of the a-line skirt to cover up the crotch width),sometimes turning the disadvantage into an advantage(Keira Knightley’s green dress at the redemption made her flat chest temperament)etc;It is not necessary to reveal the lines through the bare lines,just use the outline of the color, the emphasis of the color, and the setting of the jewelry. These will be discussed later with examples.


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1.2 Know the color that suits you


There are many color theories about their own suitable colors, such as the four seasons,cool and warm colors.We have all studied these theories,but in the end,we found that the simplest and most effective method is not to study whether it is cool or warm,spring or summer---The ultimate method is to put the clothes close to your bare skin and observe them carefully under natural sunlight:


Will this color look good on my face?


Will this color make me fatter/skinny?


Does this color match my hair color?


Is this color resistant to dirt/Does it meet the needs of my clothes?etc.


The distinction between colors is usually quite subtle,different materials, different patterns, different body shapes can make different colors give different feelings---These differences are so subtle that I don't think any color theory can explain them perfectly,therefore,I prefer to do case analysis for my own situation.However,since I hope to turn this answer into a tutorial,so for the above questions,I will give some advice on my own experience.But which color is suitable for you, it is strongly recommended that you analyze the case as above - this analysis process is also the process of building your feelings about color.


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Question 1: Will this color look good on my face?


Principle 1: The closer to the face, the greater the effect on the face!Generally,the high-risk colors that make the face of the Asian people look bad are: black (dark face), yellow (show face yellow), orange (same as yellow, and easy to show tacky) ,green, purple (contrast color for yellow, easy to show face yellow) and everything that makes dark tones (so-called retro colors)



When the hair is dark, the black turtleneck will make the face look dull.(The silver ornaments are used here to brighten,but the effect is not good because it is too far from the face,and the lace material is used near the face here,transparency will reduces the darkness of black.you can imagine that if all are solid black and there is no jewelry,it will be very dull.


Countermeasure 1: Use gold and silver jewelry to brighten


Because the gold and silver are self-glossy, it can alleviate the dullness to a certain extent, but as mentioned above, if the collar is too high and too close to the face, the gold and silver must also be closer to the face to brighten, because the shape of the necklace and earrings is limited. So now the popular neckline diamond-edged actually solve this problem in one step.



It will be better than all black, and it is close to the face naturally.


Countermeasure 2: use a small area of transition color


If you must wear the above color,just use the white/other bright color of the slightly high collar for transition, or the lace with similar effect on the neckline can also have the same effect.



Large area black with white collar transition



Orange clothes with a black fake collar (with a fake diamond) transition




With the same color lip gloss and blush,but still makes me feel bad, because this color match is wrong.



If you have to wear this color, use the black inner transition (the inner transition is also a very practical technique, such as the sky blue or off-white in the blue top can avoid the dull face-So I think that everyone should have a piece of inner matching).Note that the whole body echoes the other color blocks in the black.


Countermeasure 3: Leave bare skin and make the color block farther from the face


Asian skin can generally be regarded as light color,so even if it is a dull color,if you use a large collar,it will effectively reduce the dullness,the principle is similar to use the light color transition in the above--- It is worth noting that the exposed skin and light color have an expansion effect, so the exposed shoulders will appear wider than the actual one.This is actually a good thing for Asian women who generally slip shoulders.Far from the face,it will not make the face dull.




First of all, the orange here is not the bright orange, and the shirt button is opened, avoiding close to the---the shirt is a good thing, naturally forming a small round neck (button all the buttons),a small v-neck and a large v-neck. Therefore,the dull color (blue and dark green) shirt can also be very versatile.Another point worth noting is that the color of the bag matches the color of the skirt pattern,as well as the color matching of the hair color,top color and bag color.


Countermeasure 4: Use the material to adjust the color so that the color that is not suitable for the face is not so real.



Like this, the principle is similar to bare skin


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After talking about the high-risk color of the Eurasian people,let’s talk about the colors that Asians are more suitable for the face.This is different for everyone, but in general, Asians wearing off-white and light-colored/red-colored clothes will look better (meaning that the face is rosy and does not mean white).


Note that what I am talking about here is off-white, not white.Some clothes are white through shiny, white through blue. This kind of white is generally suitable for people with cold colors and white skin, but off-white is warm color, suitable for a wider range!





White through shiny,white through blue, and the face is a bit yellow,so wearing this color is very catastrophic!



This white is closer to off-white, giving a softer feeling


Another advantage of beige is that it better reflects our facial features. Because Asians generally have flat features, facial three-dimensionality feeling is not enough, and facial features are not clear, so if you use too bright colors, you must make your makeup stronger, otherwise the facial features will feel like a paste!You can't control the particularly bright colors! Using light/white can make people focus more on the only dark color--facial features,hair.Therefore,it can be seen that the facial features are more distinct.


Off-white can be used as a transition between two colors that are not particularly harmonious. This is discussed in the color matching.



Like this, brighten and transition


Another way to make your face look better is the red color. The principle is that it can match the red color on the face and look good.If the facial features are not clear, do not use large colors such as red, and if the skin is dull, do not use dark red.So the red color mentioned here is the color mixed with some red factor. In fact, finding the pink that suits you is quite good.



Matching blush and lip color, it can be very gentle, suitable for occasions where you want to be a  woman.



Black face can also be beautiful

Note with pink:

  1: It is best to match white skin,black skin is also OK.but if it is yellow skin,please choose the color close to nude pink, not too powdery.

  2: Pink gives a soft feeling, suitable for brown hair. If the hair is black and long (large color blocks), in order to avoid conflict, you can tie it up or put it up (reducing color blocks)

Principle 2:The larger the color block area of whole body,the greater the effect on the complexion

Sometimes,even if you use a big collar or other methods to brighten, because the color block size of some colors is too large, it will inevitably affect the complexion.


 Big collar,green plus black, although bare skin will feel better, but still does not neutralize this dull feeling.

  ——>Corollary: To neutralize dullness, the bright color block should be proportional to the dark color block (not the same size, it is proportional)

  Here,if the hair is light in color, or if you don’t use boots, use booties to reveal the skin, or add some gold buttons to your clothes.It will feels better.



Even with the belt necklace, the hair is brownish in color and the overall tone is dull,so the red lipstick is further used.

According to the above two principles, we get the following rules:

  1: Close to the face, the color block is large--the color should not be too dark, avoid using large color blocks and yellow!

  2: Far from the face, large blocks--brighten and neutralize with proportions

  3: Close to the face, small color block--try to use the above method to brighten

  4: Far from the face, small color block--has little effect on the face, you can use fluorescent color, green, yellow to brighten the whole match


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Question 2: Does this color make me look fat/skinny?

Even people who have no research on the color matching of clothing will say:Black is thin! Based on such simple knowledge,there are many fat people in the world who wear a black and dark face like a moving black cloud.

Make the following clarification on this statement:

1: Indeed,under the same conditions, the dark color has a more contraction effect than the light color,so it can be said to be more slim--but the dark color is not only black,dark red,dark green, navt blue, these colors are all dark.


2: Even you are a fatty, show thin should not be the first priority of dressing: fat does not mean you are a ball type,you can also be shaped into a large x-shaped.Fatty does not have to wear black,the visually relieved one or two pounds is actually not obvious compared with the weight, The bulk of the dullness will make the whole person appear heavy and melancholy. A fat man with a good face and a curve of 120 pounds will definitely look better than a fat man with a dark face and no curve of 118 pounds.

 3:There are a lot of slimming methods and techniques, such as tailoring, patterning, etc. These are more effective than color, and will not cause a dull look.

So slimming is not necessarily the first priority of the match,fat people don’t have to wear black and dark.Even fat people,there must be a sense of layering,so the match can be thinner than a whole black body!


She has blonde hair, white skin,and she uses shiny materials and stockings,but also dull and heavy!Under the same conditions, Asians must be even worse.

Even a very fat person must have a relatively fat and relatively thin part, revealing a thinner part, obscuring the fatter part, not because all of them are too fat to average and cover everything,t his is the correct way to dress. Also, fat people need a sense of hierarchy!

Let's have a look following good examples:


This is alos black,because a lot of skin is exposed,so avoid the heavy feeling.Max's thighs are thick and the calves are okay,so it is ok to emphasize the waistline with black, and not all wrapped up. Is the overall effect better than the above?


In order to avoid a large area of black, interspersed with a red pattern, the red area is only slightly smaller than the black.The red one is to make the face good, one is to match the red lip of max, and then one is to avoid dullness--the red here is dark red, which is called the retro color, although it is red, the expansion effect is not obvious, but it effectively avoids the heavy feeling of all black.


Red and black again, pay attention to the matching of shoes and skirt color (extended legs) and black jacket.The dark coat can be effectively contracted so it is thin, but don't use a short coat for the big chest. Here the coat is just to the waist. Another effective slimming technique is to use a dark belt,usually tie it to the thinnest part of the waist.


Even if it’s all in dark, it doesn’t look very thin.


It’s not very thin, and why don’t you wear a skirt like this feminine figure?


Not very thin and very good looking


Not dark blue,it should be inflated,but the style is good,cut well.on the contrary,it looks particularly good(Leave the chest space,outline the waistline,open the top hem and make a natural transition to the crotch)


In the light color, a dark circle is drawn, so that it will be thinner with light color.Red makes the face look good, revealing slender calves, pointed shoes maximizing the leg lines.


 It’s a light color---This indicates that tailoring is more important than color for slimming.

 I said so much above,in fact,about color and slimming,what I want to say is:Although the dark color is thinner than the light color, but the large dark color without layering will be heavy.To be thinner,it is better to rely on style and tailoring. Also, don't be too thin.

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Question 3: Is this color matching my hair color?


For black hair, it is suitable for brighter colors (including all bright colors of warm and cold colors), suitable for cool colors,not suitable for large areas of dark color, because the hair itself will bring a dull feeling, not suitable for the whole body is light color(except white)!If you want to match a large area of dark color, please do a dark color brightening at first!If you want to match the light color,please tie the hair or put it up as much as possible to reduce the area of the color block. Short hair will be less restricted than long hair (small color block).




Cool blue tones, large areas exposed to neutralize dullness, brighter colors near the face



Red is warm, but red and black is a classic match. The red color is darker here, and it is also mixed with a lot of black, making it less awkward with the black hair transition.Because of the large area of black hair, the lower body uses white plus bare skin to neutralize dullness.



The hair is very dark, try to avoid the whole body is solid color, it will look bad




Black hair, white coat and red lips, this is a classic match.the black hair will be blacker, the white will be brighter, and the red will be more tempting.



It is also a brighter color,and it is a large color block of solid color,creating a sense of amazingly grandeur,paying attention to the matching of shoes and hair color.



Red and black classic match, very bright red can also be matched



The black hair itself is dull and not suitable for direct matching with light colors.If you must match the light color,the skills as following:



Use consistent colors to add black color blocks for other parts of the body. The black jacket is still a bit awkward and connected to the hair. The navy blue is better and more layered.





Just adding a black bag is enough.



Used sunglasses, black bags, and black skirts to echo



Use makeup and earrings to echo the skirt,avoiding the discomfort of light-colored skirts and dark hair

 Brown hair

 Brown hair with black will be relatively dull,but brown hair should be paired with warm colors instead of cool colors.



Even if you wear black, it won’t be too dull, and the earrings will brighten the overall feeling.



Brown hair is a little yellow, so the color is suitable for warm colors, matching wine red.



It’s not so awkward with light colors



If it's black hair,it won't be a good match.Gloves and coats use dark and light matching techniques in the same color.



If you match cold colors, put your hair up to reduce the color block.



With orange (here used lace to make it layered) (because it is also yellow) also looks good!


Some people say that this dress looks bloated, yes lace has such a problem, here is to emphasize the color. Another suggestion is not to buy cheap lace items, because cheap lace is really not textured.


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------



Question 4:Is this color resistant to dirt/Does it meet the needs of my clothes?


Regarding the resistance to dirt,everyone should know that darker colors are better than light colors!Regarding the occasion, there is actually nothing to pay attention during the student period,But once you've worked, you should know that some clothes are not suitable for work--in general, too bright, and leopard prints, florals, etc. are not suitable for the workplace.Details please read How to select elegant business suits with good taste for ladies


Question 5 & Question 6:Does this dress match my existing clothes? Does this color match my feelings?


I know that everyone wants to be versatile,you hope you can wear t-shirt and jeans to become youthful and beauty,you can wear a evening dress to stunning the audience!You want to try boyfriend style today,retro style tomorrow and fluorescent color again the day after tomorrow.So you are always buying and trying,one year later,clothes were piled up with wardrobes,but it is almost unimpressive to say that there is a good match!So it was another round of fashion magazines, and it was another round of buying and buying...


Sometimes I go out to see a girl,and the whole body shows how fashionable she is--a stylish fluorescent bag,this year's popular burgundy skirt,plus a pair of over-the-knee boots-looks very expensive, but Not very beautiful.



This kind of mistake is often committed in a 20-year-old girl-because we don’t have a good understanding of who we are,so we don’t know what style we want to go,so it’s hard to choose. In fact,although there are people who can look good in all styles,it is almost non-existent,and even for such people,their degree of good looks in various clothes is different-There is always a style that is most suitable for them,on this basis, match some styles that they are not often worn.This creates a level of dressing that is usually not mistaken,but sometimes it can be amazing.


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------



1.3 Know your style

 Let me give an example to illustrate the importance of style:


Taylor Swift is a popular actress in street shooting, the iconic red lips (retro red), she likes retro colors (generally darker hair is more retro), because she is tall, in order to highlight femininity, she is generally a American country style(This is not to say that she is rustic, just a style she has shaped as a country singer).I think her most suitable style is the little femininity. The key points are floral, skirt, long legs, and accessories.In fact,there are not many pieces of accessories,just seems that she has been carefully dressed.


 Floral with the same color headdress, nude high-heeled shoes further stretch the leg line.In fact, this kind of headwear can go to Amazon to buy a lot,it is not too expensive,but it can create a feeling of matching with the heart.


 Floral and the same color sweater (practical matching skills, if you are not as thin as she is, you can use a brown sweater).Because the main color yellow has a large area,use the nude color to avoid too much color. If she is black hair, the shoes should be replaced with black.



No hair accessories can be echoed with bags



The color of this dress is very beautiful (also retro), pay attention to the echo of the headwear and the golden rim on the bag (corresponding to the yellow color and echoing her hair color)


The above colors and styles are very retro,so she used the [big roll] retro hairstyle--Or it can be said that because of the use of this hairstyle, it is used in such a dress.



Another pattern, because it is a more modern geometric pattern, so the hair is more curled, her sweater color is determined according to the skirt pattern, the color of the shoes and sweater are consistent





When no flowers are needed, she will use two very different colors to separate the color blocks (to avoid the expansion of the same solid color block), and to create the waist line by contrasting the colors. Although this one has many colors, the red and blue colors are actually small (I think she must have a red color to match her red lips).This uses three very different colors, so the top is very dark.




It may be the same top, and the upper and lower solid colors are used. The headgear echoes the red lips.The foot is not visible,but it is estimated that it should be one of nude, dark blue or other unobtrusive colors to echo!


Do not take this style, more neutral, she will wear



The suit is also very nice, because she has bright hair and red lips,so she can wear the whole simple color.if you are black hair,it can be matched with red lips and red bags-unified retro color (red lips, brown bags, shoes)





Slightly mature, the color of the bag and the shoes are still the same, this is still ok, but compared to the previous few looks, this is not her best state




The skirt is beautiful,and there is no problem with the matching.Why is there a subtle disharmony? A large area of solid color swells,this kind of green doesn't match her retro red lips,so this is not the best match.


In conclusion, she can't change her red lips. Everything needs to match this, so it's always retro color. The most suitable style for her is country style and floral dresses,next is neutral style, not very suitable for mature ladies style!


So we find our own style, the idea is probably the same-what must be retained, what is to be changed.


Many friends said that if you want to talk about the foundation of your own style,the answer is whether your face is beautiful or not.The skeleton can be improved through clothing matching. Hair and face can be changed through makeup,but basically it doesn't change much.This topic will be too long,so I will give you a few examples.


1.       People with large facial features will look more vivid, more able to hold bright colors, contrast colors and large-area color blocks, suitable for European and American style.


2.       People with small facial features (the size is for the face), if you do not emphasize the facial features through makeup, please try to avoid bright colors, contrast colors and large-area color blocks. As mentioned above, the facial features will be blurred, suitable for soft tones.



3.       People with more flesh on their faces are more feminine/young than those with less flesh on their faces. Therefore, the models of neutral style are almost angular on the face. If there is not much meat on the face,you can become a mature/capable style.


4.       The round face/oval shaped face is more feminine, the square face/long face is more neutral and mature,the main factor affecting the face shape is the line of the chin and the mandibular angle, so it can be changed to some extent by hair style!



Square face, dignified and splendid, not feminine



Use the shadow (you can also use the hair) to cover the mandibular angle,and immediately became feminine.


5.       If the features are lower (the forehead is high and the chin is short),it will show the face small. If you don't cover it, you can take the girl/purity style. It is not very suitable for mature style.


6.       Long hair is feminine than short hair, curly hair is more feminine, straight hair looks very innocent –you can change your style by hairstyle!


7.       The makeup level of the face should match the body--if the body wears a good sense of fit, at least the eyebrows should be repaired on the face--What we are pursuing is not wearing a beautiful dress, but wearing a dress that looks very beautiful. In contrast, if you wear it very casually, you don’t need false eyelashes on your face.



These principles are based on personal observations and may not be complete.I think that you can carefully observe yourself and have a basic understanding of the style that suits you,and adjust slowly later!Because only knowing which style is suitable for you and what style is not suitable,you will fianlly solve the problem of buying a lot of clothes but still don’t know how to match it.The same style of tone is almost the same!


--------------------------------------------Moozoi Fashion-------------------------------------------



1.4 Identify the design features and attributes of the item and build your wardrobe


After you find your own style,you can start building your wardrobe.Think about the occasions that you usually go:for example,go to school,go out to eat,climb a mountain,go to work,a formal party etc. Then think about whether you have clothes that match these scenes--if not,what kind of clothes to buy is best matched with the existing clothes.


One idea that many people don't have but is quite useful is: Before you buy clothes, think about where you can wear it. How to match the existing clothes--Usually this dress is matched with two existing clothes,then I will consider to buy it!About how to match the style, color, texture, pattern, I will talk about it in the next section.

 Here we focus on how to identify the design features and attributes of the item!


Now,you want to buy a Bomber Jacket (viator jacket / baseball jacket).You walked into a store and the three clothes were hanging on hangers.From left to right, A, B, C-which one would you buy?




Think about which one you will buy, then look down


Way to go!you choose A.


If I bought Bomber Jacket for the first time,I would choose A.You said:"A is so ugly, I will not look at it on the hanger!” Yes, A is too humble on the hanger, and there is still a bit of ugliness.But it is amazingly worn on your body, Every type of figure and style can wear A!Solid black color match with any items is good!



There are a lot of beautiful and eye-catching one-pieces in your wardrobe,only solid color coats can match them.




Pear-shaped girls wear short coats + length-to-knee dresses are the best way to "Raise strengths and avoid weaknesses ".


The most versatile, the one that will not be out of date for 10 years,must be the one that hangs on the hanger and is inconspicuous and has no special features.Such an unremarkable Bomber Jacket,if it was sold in 1965 or sold in 2065,If it was sold in a men's clothing store,or in a women's clothing store/children's clothing store,do you feel abnormal?Will not! ! Because it has no sense of gender, no sense of age, no sense of the times,it will not be obsolete or eliminated in the past 50 years or the next 50 years---This is the meaning of "basic styles" and "classic styles".


But if you already have the basic style,then continue to choose. OK,now you choose B!


The bomber jacket with elements such as piping,letters and more has a strong preppy style.The addition of leather brings a spicy,rocky taste! This strong alkaline item is full of highlights!



Mature facial features favorite items!Casually highlights the Preppy style,and can also be mixed with feminine items!



It’s fun with a sexy little red dress.



Well-done,you choose C!


The print greatly weakens the neutral taste of the bomber's jacket!The ultra-short design means that it will be a great match with the solid color dress.With the high waist pants and high waist skirt, there will be a strong retro taste.



"Balance taste" item with its own acid-base neutralization properties



Choose one color (preferably the main color) from the complicated printing and echo with the inner or the bottom!



Do you understand what items of A/B/C represent each attribute?Now can you drawing inferences about other cases from one instance?


Your wardrobe=50% basic style (such as A)+30% strong acid/alkaline items(such as B)+20% acid-base neutralization attribute items (such as C)



Acid and alkaline can have different meanings in different contexts.If the acid is feminine, the alkaline is masculine! If the acid is OL, the alkaline is casual.Classic styles and basic styles are only fixed.Every year, the clothes have to be transformed into new designs.So each brand must make various variants.Girls who are just beginning to learn to match must buy from the basic style. Variant items,wait until you have a good eye for choosing clothes and then buy!



Tell us, If you buy a denim shirt for the first time, would you buy A, B or C?


When building your own wardrobe,many people like to refer to the list of 100 items that women must have--These lists just give you a probable range,but you don’t need to buy everything! You have to see how these items on the list match.Are these clothes matching your existing style/clothes?


I forgot where I saw it before, saying that women should clean their wardrobes regularly, because the wardrobes, like homes, should have something to keep their hearts moving--so it’s not that old ones have to be eliminated, When you feel that this style/quality is not suitable for you, you can eliminate it. Instead of buying a lot of Amazonian goods for tens of dollars, it is better to buy a few good quality versatile items.When you get to work, you will find that you don’t need to throw so much clothes and there are a lot of clothes to wear. It feels so good. 

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