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2018-07-24 / Moozoi
3 steps to choose the perfect liquid foundation

Many girls want a clean and clear foundation like this:



But most time you will ask:



“Why would i look dirty?”


“Why is makeup removed?”

“Why is there floating powder phenomenon in makeup?”

In addition to the selection mistakes of the tools we mentioned, another important reason is:

The liquid foundation is wrong!


Error one: choose the wrong color number

As some suggestions from the beauty blog, you chose "The Deeper One" liquid foundation, which made the makeup feel heavy and the whole person downhearted. But the more problem is that the selected color is too shallow, resulting in inconsistent color between the face and the neck, and the dark skin color of itself is also revealed.


Error 2: Choosing the wrong formula


You are dry skin,but you select a refreshing liquid foundation to cause floating powder phenomenon in makeup,and the whole face is wrinkled when you smile!



You are oily skin,but you select a a moisturizing liquid foundation to cause the makeup removed.



Let's take a look at how to choose the right liquid foundation. (Girls who don’t want to listen to the principle please skip the first and second steps and look at the third step directly.)


The first step: know your skin


Skin color: Shade&Undertone


Maybe you have seen many fashionistas before that they told you how to judge the so-called "cool tone" and "warm tone" (also said to be pink tone and yellow tone). Such as observing the color of veins,wear gold to look good or wear silver to look good. Most girls will be confused by this matter, and can't see if they are cool skin tone or warm skin tone. Finally, this test method is more and more metaphysical,and not really helpful for choosing the right ground color.


Many women may have judged whether they are cool skin or warm skin according to the following figure, and found that their veins seem to be between blue and green…Then they wondered, what kind of skin are we? ( ⊙ o ⊙ )



This cool skin tone and warm skin tone theory ignores another skin color that accounts for a large proportion: neutral tone.


In fact, most women with yellow skin are neutral. (Even if it is a white race, there are not many cold skins in the crowd. It is not like many people saying "Caucasians are mostly cold skins.")

It should be noted that the three shades are based on the yellow tone in the Pantone color system. The “cool tone” here refers more to the red complexion (you can see many tiny red blood streak on the face, and give people a feeling of redness).


It should also be noted that these tonalities are relative and not absolute.


It will be clearer to see this picture.This is the color table of a brand's foundation. It can be seen that it is released in the US market more than the color of the Taiwan market, and the label called neutral color in the United States has become a "yellowish skin" to cater to the most Asian girl’s feeling!

Conclusion: Don't worry too much about the problem of the foundation on the cool skin or warm skin.Even if your skin is slightly red or slightly yellow (unless you are super red or super yellow), you can still choose a neutral tone foundation to adjust the skin color. (Many primers have the same effect, purple balance yellow skin, green balance red.)


After talking about the shade, there is nothing to say in the undertone, just one word: try.(The test method will be explained in detail in the third step)


Skin type


There are many different classification methods for skin type,and I prefer the following classification. By doing this,you can say to BA at the time of selection:


• I am a dry skin

• My T zone is normal and my cheeks are dry.

• My T zone is slightly oily and the rest is normal.

• I am oily on my face.

Step 2: Know the type of liquid foundation


Different types of foundations of different brands have different pertinences for skin quality and desired effects.You can choose different foundations according to different skin types.The picture below shows some liquid foundations for different skin types.



The third step: go to the counter to try the foundation


If you want to choose a liquid foundation, you must try! Be sure to try! Be sure to try!


Go to the reliable make-up counters (such as Sephora) * Don't go to the franchise stores of some small brands that you have never heard of. One is not selective, and the other is that BA is not professional.

Tell the counter BA your skin type (don't know how to describe it, please see the second step), let her recommend the liquid foundation brand for your skin. Choose three to five color numbers that are close to your skin color and apply them to the face and neck. * Remember not to apply color on the back of your hand, the color of the back of your hand is not the same as your face.

Then choose the color that disappears on your face. (color 2 in the figure above)


Don't choose the color that looks like "I will look white when I paint it." ! !If the color of the foundation that you applied to the face can not disappear (for example,you only tried 1,3,4),then let BA give you another liquid foundation to test till your find the right one,don't accept an almost one!Don't easily believe that BA lets you choose "The Deeper One" or "The Shallow One" ,because sometimes BA will want to clear some of their dark and light stocks. I can often see the girl's complaints on the Internet. "BA lied to me,they help me choose a foundation and I’m become darker."


After choosing the color number,please remember this color number of this brand (for future reference). Then let the BA give you a large area on the face, check if there is floating powder, powder sticking phenomenon etc. Patience can go to other places for an hour to see if the effect is good.A patient girl can go to another place and go back for an hour to see if the effect is good.


(Pretty and attentive girls can also choose different types of autumn/winter liquid foundations and summer liquid foundations in winter and summer.)


What should I do if I accidentally choose the wrong liquid foundation?


There is no solution for choosing the wrong color number, but don't paint it all at once. If you buy the wrong color of the foundation, you can use the light color to brighten in the highlight area and the dark color to shadow when you are skilled in makeup. (But you need to practice at home! The novice can not control well!)


If you choose the wrong skin type,you can do like this:


• Dry skin with a refreshing liquid foundation that causes the powder sticking phenomenon:Mix a small amount of moisturizing cream or 2 drops of essence before each application,and use a makeup brush instead of a makeup egg or a triangular sponge,please also reduce the amount of loose powder.


• You are oily skin,buy you choose a moisturizing liquid foundation to cause a large oily face: use a triangular sponge or a makeup egg to remove excess oil,and then use a puff to press the powder or loose powder to ensure that the powder particles absorb the grease and set the makeup.


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